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Chapter 1762: Im Warning You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Jianguo did not notice that Ye Xuelis expression had darkened.

She looked terrifyingly gloomy.

He sighed and said, “Colonel Lu is really lucky to be able to marry such a wife.

Shes good-looking and knowledgeable.

When she graduates, shell be a doctor with a bright future.

No matter what, shell have

a brighter future than a primary school teacher like you.

Id be proud to have such a wife.

If I were to marry such a wife in the future, Id even laugh in my dreams.”

“Whats wrong with being a primary school teacher A primary school teacher cant compete with a doctor” Ye Xueli shouted.

“How can a primary school teacher compare to a doctor Even though a teacher is quite respectable, a doctor saves lives and helps the injured.

Their salary will definitely be higher than yours.

However, I reckon that doctors will be very busy.

Unlike teachers like you, they cant have three months of long

holidays in a year.”

Ye Jianguos analysis was comprehensive, but it made Ye Xuelis face turn darker.

“Why does a woman need to earn so much money Isnt it better to have the men make money Busy women cant take good care of their families.” Ye Xueli snorted.

“Anyway, I think Im a thousand times better than her.

Im prettier than she is, and my job is better than hers.”

“None of your business!”

Ye Xueli scolded her stepmother in her heart.

She blamed her for being too talkative.

Why would she say that to Ye Jianguo

“Let me remind you that Colonel Lu is married.

His wife is not inferior to you at all.

Dont think about those impossible things,” Ye Jianguo said seriously.

“Tam good-looking and have a good job.

Why is it impossible for me to be with Colonel Lu So what if we get married Didnt our father get a stepmother for us” Ye Xueli knew that Ye Jianguo had seen through her thoughts.

“Father only married Auntie after Mother left many years ago.

How is that the same Im warning you—people who destroy other peoples families are the most disgraceful.

If you dare to be such a person, dont blame me for not calling you my sister!” Ye Jianguo said those harsh words and turned to leave.

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