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Chapter 176: Attack

Chen Xuyao glared at them coldly.

“The Zhang family Huh, Ive never heard of you.”

Upon their so-called announcement, he realized that these people, who called themselves members of the Zhang family, were coming after his Brother Lus wife.

Did he bear some evil thoughts in his mind because of Jiang Yaos beauty Did he think he had nine lives What was actually going on

“You!” Zhang Xiqing and Zhang Xinan were extremely furious by his response.

In Nanjiang City, whenever someone heard that they were from the Zhang family, who wouldnt come wagging their tails at them like an obedient puppy, except for some people But this man so spontaneously said he had never heard of them.

He was here for a business trip and he had never even heard of the Zhang family.

How dare he! Was he a dimwit

“Are you here on business Which company are you working with” Zhang Xiqing asked pompously before turning to Jiang Yao and shouted, “Miss Jiang, ask your sugar daddy to let go of my cousin! If he offends the Zhang family because of you, lets see how youre going to settle the dispute! By the way, this is a different guy today, you shameless little b*tch! You are a disgrace to our university and also the freshmen! I should let them see your filthy look right now!”

Chen Xuyao was stunned for two seconds.

Then, he released Zhang Xinans hand and said, “I, Chen Xuyao, have never hit a woman before in my life.

Thanks to you, Ill make an exception today.

Its your honor for making me break my principle.”

In a blink of an eye, Chen Xuyao lunged a direct and hard kick towards Zhang Xiqing.

He deliberately did not reduce his strength, so Zhang Xiqing suffered a solid and firm kick on her stomach that she stumbled for a few steps before falling onto the ground.

She crouched on the floor holding her stomach and her mouth was wide open but nothing came out.

She was in so much pain that she couldnt even scream.

Zhang Xinan was shaking his reddened hand.

He gaped in extreme shock upon the scene.

“Xiqing!” Zhang Xinan dashed forward frantically to help Zhang Xiqing up while cursing inside him,Damn it! Uncle and Aunt loved their only daughter like a prized gem.

If they knew that she had been kicked while she was out with him, he would be scolded and punished.

Zhang Xiqing had never gone through a second of suffering since he was young, so when she was kicked in the stomach, her legs went jelly that she couldnt even stand up straight.

As the man was walking towards them, she quickly hid behind Zhang Xinan.

Chen Xuyao shot a cold glance at Zhang Xiqing and turned to Zhang Xinan.

“And you.” He lifted his leg to kick directly towards Zhang Xinan.

“Im going to teach you a lesson today.

I dont care if youre from the Zhang family or the Dog family, but dont bark like a mad dog in front of me! Also, you are foolhardy to go after the woman Im protecting.”

Jiang Yao stood frozen, her eyes widened in awe.

She had never expected that such a gentle-looking man would be so violent.

Disagreement—attack, dispute—attack, physical provocation—attack.

He didnt even give them a chance to respond.

Although it seemed inappropriately brutal, Jiang Yaos heart swelled with warmth.

She knew that Chen Xuyaos agitation was because of the insults from Zhang Xiqing and her cousin.

He was Lu Xingzhis best buddy and he protected her like his own buddy because she was Lu Xingzhis wife.

Zhang Xinan was a man, after all.

After being kicked, he struck back suddenly like a crazy lion who had lost its mind.

Yet, how could a good-for-nothing rich playboy fight with Chen Xuyao, who was a military academy graduate

Staring blankly at Zhang Xinans counterattack, Chen Xuyao was so calm and relaxed as if he was teasing an energetic puppy.

He put his hands into his pocket casually, using only his legs to restrain Zhang Xinan.

Anyway, Jiang Yao was worried that Chen Xuyao would attract unwanted attention and trouble if he went on.

She walked to him, tugged his sleeves, and whispered, “Thats enough.”

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