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Chapter 1759: Cant Compare

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“Yes!” Ye Jianguo nodded repeatedly.

“I heard that youre Colonel Lus family.

Then we are neighbors! I didnt expect it to be such a coincidence!”

“Ye Jianguo, what do you mean Are you saying that Colonel Lus wife works at your school Or is she also a student at your school” an older woman asked Ye Jianguo curiously.

“Theard from my schoolmate that this years medical schools postgraduate supervisor is a professor from Nanjiang City Medical University.

That professor was also a postgraduate supervisor.

How can our university compare to Nanjiang City Medical University They are on the same level as Jindo

University and Jindo Medical University.

Our university cant compare to them.”

Ye Jianguos words were direct.

It did not sound like he loved her university.

“I heard that those who graduated from Nanjiang Medical University would always get a good job after their graduation.

Many hospitals would want them.

Our school isnt that popular.

Miss Jiang is a professors assistant, right

That should count as working for the Nanjiang Citys Medical University, right”

Assistant Those illiterate older women did not understand it.

However, their perception of Jiang Yao changed when Ye Jianguo said that Colonel Lus wife worked for Nanjiang Citys Medical University.

Initially, they were just sizing her up, but after that, they had a feeling that she was unattainable.

They were also complaining in their hearts—no wonder a young girl like her could afford to use a cell phone.

They would have been very impressed if she were only a primary school teacher or a middle school teacher.

Colonel Yes daughter was a teacher at a huge primary school, and many people envied her for that.

They did not expect that Colonel Lus wife, who looked younger than Colonel Yes daughter, Ye Xueli, had a job that was hundreds of streets ahead of her.

“So, you are Colonel Lus family Do you know Colonel Yes daughter, Ye Xueli Shes teaching at Luo City Primary School.

Her salary is very high.

She receives so much money a month, and theres also a bonus every year.

She even has three months of vacation a year and two days off a week.

Look at how

comfortable her life is, how well she dresses every day.

How much do you earn a month You can afford a cell phone, so you must make a lot, right”

Those women were curious about Jiang Yaos salary.

When Ye Jianguo heard that, he cut her off.

“My sisters job Shes just an elementary school teacher.

How can she compare Look at how well my sister dresses.

Her monthly salary is spent on clothes, shoes, bags, and cosmetics.

Sometimes, her salary isnt even enough, so she still has to ask my dad for it.”

Jiang Yao glanced at Ye Jianguo.

A 20-year-old boy was thoughtless.

She thought she was fortunate to have been the youngest in her family.

She would strangle him to death if he were her brother, especially if he would ruin her reputation with outsiders.

Ye Jianguo did not know what Jiang Yao was thinking, but he continued to say, “The teachers in our school receive 100 bucks a month, and some even get several hundred.

Nanjiang City is much richer than our city.

Nanjiang Medical University is also a key national university, so their teachers salaries are

definitely higher than ours..”

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