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Chapter 1756: I Need To Borrow It

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After putting the note into the drawer, Jiang Yao looked at the time on her phone.

It was already past nine in the morning.

No wonder he brought her breakfast.

At that time, he should have gone to the meeting after his morning training.

She had slept so soundly that she did not even know when Lu Xingzhi had left.

‘Who was to blame for that

It was all because of someone who had overindulged last night!

Jiang Yao also had to help herself out of bed to wash up.

Since Lu Xingzhi said he would be back at noon to cook for her, Jiang Yao decided to get some food in the city.

If Jiang Yao were uncomfortable in the army base, it would be because she did not know anyone there.

At least she had Mrs.

Lin in the Jin City army base.

However, she did not know anyone there.

She had seen Colonel Yes wife next door, but she knew they would not get along.

She did not know if she could get a car out to the city at that time or if she could get a ride home after that.

Zhou Weiqi used Lu Xingzhis car in Jin City as the latter was too lazy to bring it with him.

He had planned to buy another car in Luo City, but he did not have the time to do that yet.

Jiang Yao wanted to buy a car for herself when she returned to school.

Just as Lu Xingzhi had said, she would be free during the summer vacation.

If she chose to stay in Luo City, she could find the time to go back to the army base to water the trees in their home.

It would be convenient for her if she had a


Jiang Yao put the idea at the back of her mind as she prepared to go out and ask someone about a ride into the city.

She did not expect to bump into someone outside her house when she opened the door.


Lu, are you going out Its so hot outside.

Where are you going” It was the old woman who lived two houses after Colonel Yes house.

Jiang Yao had heard Liang Yueze mention a big family living in that house, but she could not remember their surname.

Well, no matter what their surname was, it would not be wrong to address them as Old Madam.

“Tm going to buy some vegetables.

Did you want to speak to me, Old Madam” Jiang Yao replied with a faint smile because she remembered Liang Yueze had mentioned that the old woman liked to gossip.

She was not well-liked in the military compound because she always took advantage of others.

Fortunately, she did not have any other significant problems other than that.

However, not everyone thought the same.

Some did not take kindly to people taking advantage of them unnecessarily, especially when it involved their homes.

The old lady said, “The hoe in my house is broken, so I wanted to borrow one from you.”

“We just moved here, and we havent bought all the things yet, so we dont have a hoe.” Jiang Yao smiled amiably.

“Old Madam, why dont you ask Colonel Yes family They probably have one since they planted something in their courtyard too.”

“You dont have it Then how do you plant the trees in your yard Oh, right! I heard that you didnt plant vegetables.

How wasteful! Why dont you rent the empty space in your yard to my family Since you dont use it, we will give you a few bucks a year to rent the space.”

Then, the old lady asked again, “Oh right, I forgot to ask you what your job is.

I heard that you were in poor health and went back to your hometown to recuperate..

Have you recovered Are you going to live here in the future”

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