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Lu Xingzhi warmed water three times for her, and it took her over an hour to wash up and return to her bedroom.

Her hair was still dripping wet, but she threw herself on Lu Xingzhis bed and pressed her face on the comforter.

Lu Xingzhi did not need hot water for his shower in that weather.

After half an hour, he emerged from the restroom with a towel in his hand.

He entered the bedroom, grabbed the person on the bed, and trapped her between his knees.

Then he wrapped a towel around her head and helped her dry her hair.

“The weight you gained is all gone.”

Lu Xingzhi used both hands on the towel and moved Jiang Yaos face toward him.

After being apart for a few months, one could say that was the first time the two of them met.

He had not seen her face properly because of the paint over it.

He thought the paint was quite ugly.

Well, it was no different than when they were separated.

However, after spending so much time at home, she must have been able to gain some weight.

“I want to eat white rice, and I want to eat braised eggplant.

I also want to eat fried eggs and drink soup.

It was time to feed her after her bath and a brief rest on the bed.

Moe had been in the mountains for a long time, and when he heard someone mention food, he meowed.

“Chicken braised leg! Braised duck leg!”

Since there was no danger in the mountains, Moe either hid in the tent to sleep or went out to scout around.

“I will do it for you if I am free tonight.” Lu Xingzhis heart ached when he heard Jiang Yaos requests for simple home-cooked dishes.

“You will not participate in such activities in the future.

You can simply decline.

Nothing is too difficult as long as it has to do with the army.”

Even though it was an enjoyable training, she found it difficult to stay in the highlands.

She could not even eat well after living like a savage in the mountains for nearly a month.

A person like her, who was finicky and had a sharp tongue, would never choose a dish that did not put his culinary abilities to the test.

However, she had stated a lengthy list of home-cooked foods.

“I had no idea what to do when the army found me this time,” Jiang Yao said.

“I only know that the army needs a doctor for the drill.

I assumed that it was merely a backup plan.

I assumed that if someone were wounded during the training and required medical attention, doctors would help out then.

I had no idea we would have to suffer for half a month like you guys.”

If Jing Mengjie, Li Hong, and the others had known what would happen, they probably would not have accepted to engage in the training even if they were beaten to death.

However, she would undoubtedly still be tempted if she knew Lu Xingzhi was also participating in the military drill.

“It is all right.

I am not a sensitive person.” Jiang Yao grinned.

“I would take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your work.

Such an opportunity does not come along every day.”

“In any case, please dont return to join in the fun in the future.” Lu Xingzhis expression remained unchanged.

In any case, he no longer allowed her to serve in the military.

Lu Xingzhi quickly dried her hair.

“Your hair grew back,” he said abruptly after a long silence.

“It is so long now.

Thats quick!”

Lu Xingzhi would never forget how she had appeared when he first met Jiang Yao.

He would always appreciate how she looked with her long hair.

He did not have any regrets in his heart when he learned that she had chopped her hair off.

He did not say anything to persuade her not to do it.

He knew she would not listen to him, and she would not let him have his way..

That was why he did not say it aloud since he did not want any trouble.

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