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Chapter 1737: Greetings, Mrs.


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Everyone had already gathered at the foot of the mountain after the training ended.

Military cars were parked side by side.

Many people were already sitting in the vehicles as if waiting for something to happen.

Jiang Yao instinctively wanted to remove her hand from Lu Xingzhis when she noticed them.

Lu Xingzhis palm appeared to be fixed with hers like glue.

She could not break away no matter how hard she tried.

At the moment, Lu Xingzhis win could be described as remarkable.

Everyone turned to look at him the moment he emerged.

Naturally, they discovered that he had a firm grip on the Red Teams Miss Jiang.

As a result, the Red Teams soldiers had confused expressions on their faces.

They assumed that Hades Lu was concerned about the young womans safety as she descended the mountain, so he accompanied her.

However, after further consideration, they concluded that Hades Lu was not very respectful of females.

Then, someone from the Blue Team yelled.

Xiao Gao took the lead.

All the Blue Team soldiers shouted in unison in response to his words.

That meant the Blue Teams troops were well aware that Jiang Yao was Lu Xingzhis wife.

Since the Blue Team had won the drill, and it had been an extremely thrilling triumph, combined with the fact that they had finally met Colonel Lus wife, even though they had not rested for a few days, they were as ecstatic as if they had been pumped with stimulants.

Their greetings were so loud that they terrified the birds in the trees, causing them to flail their wings and fly away.

On the other hand, the Red Team did not look good.

“Everyone, get in your car and drive back to the base!”

Lu Xingzhi motioned for everyone to get into the cars.

He directed Jiang Yao to the third vehicle.

He opened the door to allow Jiang Yao to enter the car before jumping into it.

The truck slowly drove away from the mountain base.

They had left the area.

Jiang Yao turned her gaze toward the forest via the window.

Then, she turned to face Lu Xingzhi, who was beside her.

“Dont want to leave” Lu Xingzhi laughed.

“Do you enjoy spending time in the mountains”

Jiang Yaos response was remarkably candid.

“I am just a little emotional,” she said softly, shaking her head.

“I have only been in the mountains for a few days, and it has not even been a month.

Even though Old Yang and the others have been taking wonderful care of me, it was still torture.

So my heart breaks for you, as it does for your colleagues.”

The drill went fine.

At the very least, there were few dangers and casualties during the training.

Her heart broke for those who had to remain in the highlands and forests while on missions.

To carry out tasks in such a challenging environment, they had to be on high alert.

Her heart ached just thinking about it.

Jiang Yao might not have understood Lu Xingzhi and the other soldiers problems if she had not been engaged in the training and experienced the environment in the mountains.

“It is okay to feel sorry for me.

Why would you feel sorry for them” Lu Xingzhi laughed.

“You are not being kind, Colonel.”

“Why cant she feel sorry for us” the young soldier driving the car chuckled.

“She is right.

It is not a simple task for us.

It is even more difficult for us than it is for you, Colonel.

At least you have a wife.

We dont even have a wife.

We are even worse than you.

So, she should feel sorry for us.”

Lu Xingzhi would have kicked him if that person had not been driving.

The car reached the military base two hours later..

Lu Xingzhi jumped out of the car first and then turned around and grabbed Jiang Yaos hand.

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