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Chapter 1707: She Can Sleep In My Tent

“Where are Jing Mengjie and Li Hong” Jiang Yao smiled at Liu Chao and said, “Ive only practiced my voice.

Compared to soldiers like them, its nothing.

I am still captured, and I didnt even have time to sacrifice myself.”

“Jing Mengjie and the other two had descended the mountain.

It was our sacrificed soldiers who took them down.

There werent many people left in the command center.

Because they were afraid, the three did not dare to stay in the mountain for another night.” After Liu Chao explained that, he noticed that Miss Jiangs hand was still held by the man who had captured her.

Liu Chaos first thought was that the soldier was helping Miss Jiang as they walked in the dark.

Perhaps the man forgot to let go of her hand.

So, Liu Chao winked at Jiang Yao to give her a hint and secretly pointed at his own hand.

How could Jiang Yao not know that Lu Xingzhi was holding on to her so tightly that she could not shake him off!

She was about to let go of him when they were about to arrive, but that man refused to let her go.

He said that he would only promise not to tell everyone about their relationship, but he did not promise not to hold her hand.

“Colonel Lu, we have arrived at your command post.

Can you let me go now Do you think that I can still run away” After a few seconds, Jiang Yao tugged at her hand.

She had successfully retracted her hand.

Xiao Gao exclaimed when he heard that.

It turned out that their colonel was afraid that his captive would run away.

It was a valid concern.

They would have to guard someone who could jump through the window and run away so swiftly, even more closely.

However, it seemed like the captive could not run away without retrieving the tag.

Did their colonel tell the doctor that his surname was Lu It seemed like the two had managed to converse on their way back.

It must have been a good conversation.

Xiao Gao felt that their colonel seemed too nice that night.

With his personality, Colonel Lu was not the kind of person who would take pity on women.

He also did not seem to be the kind of person who would chat with people.

Xiao Gao looked at the doctor from the Red Team.

He thought she had a pleasant voice.

It was soft and delicate, and the doctors eyes seemed to be especially lively.

She was also beautiful.

Perhaps that was why Colonel Lu took pity on her.

“Colonel Lu, where shall we put her tonight How many people will be sent to guard her” Xiao Gao asked.

Lu Xingzhi replied without thinking.

“Shell sleep in my tent.”

Then, he called for a few soldiers to the command center to discuss some matters.

He needed to understand the situation.

Things did not seem to be going according to his expectations.

There were more people in the command center than he had expected.

Xiao Gao watched as Lu Xingzhi entered the thatched cottage.

Then, he looked at the only female doctor captured from the Red Team.

He wondered if he could keep the female doctor with the other captives from the Red Team or if he should put her in the female soldiers tent.

What did the Colonel say

Did he mean to keep her in his tent

Why would that particular captive be treated differently Would he move out of his tent for the captive from the Red Team

“Why dont we let Miss Jiang come with us” Liu Chao said when he realized that Jiang Yao was also dumbfounded..

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