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Chapter 1695: Let Me Drown

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She had no choice but to act naturally.

There was nothing to be shy about pretending that that kind of thing was very common.

She had no choice.

She was Miss Jiang.

She would be embarrassed if she also acted bashfully, and the three young women beside her would probably be anxious to death over that matter.

“Lets go together.

This is the only way to resolve that matter.” Wang Meiyu walked to the side and decided not to care about being shy anymore.

It would be the biggest joke in the world if she were to die because she did not want to pee in the wild.

Li Hong looked at Jiang Yao and then looked at Wang Meiyu.

Since she was with someone else, she decided not to hold it in anymore.

She pulled Jing Mengjie to the back and said, “Peeing like this might be fine, but what if I wanted to poop There are so many people in this drill.

Do we have enough places to do number two And the weather is so hot too.

Wont it smell”

“Dig a hole and fill it up,” Jiang Yao said.

She knew because Lu Xingzhi had mentioned the conditions of field training.

Lu Xingzhi had also explained to her back then that digging a hole and filling it up would not affect the environment, and it could also be used as fertilizer for the grass.

However, Jiang Yao could not remember how she had laughed at Lu Xingzhi back then.

In any case, she laughed at his explanation for being unreasonable, but when she faced that situation, Jiang Yao realized that the rationale might truly captivate her.

Then, they went to wash their hands at the waters edge.

It was only a small stream of water.

The full width was only the size of two palms.

The water was so clean that it was possible to see the bottom of the stream.

They could also see some shrimp and crabs in the water.

Jiang Yao was not unfamiliar with those two creatures.

Every household in her village used water drawn from the mountain stream or mountain spring.

Her village did not have any modern plumbing.

Every home has a large water tank in their kitchen or courtyard.

Smaller shrimps were frequently found in the water tanks.

They flowed through the water lines to each households water tanks.

The water from the mountain stream was freezing during the day.

After a hot day, everyone felt much better after washing their faces with the cold water.

There were no physical worries, and their emotions calmed.

“I wonder how long this exercise will last.

It looks like theres no way to bathe in the mountains.” Li Hong lamented, “Its really going to be a primitive life.” Then, she urged everyone to hurry back since the sky had darkened.

Women would usually fear the dark nights, especially in deep mountains where it was so dark that one could not see anything.

Li Hong almost stepped into the stream as soon as she stood up, maybe because she had been squatting by the stream for a long time.

Despite the shallowness of the stream, Jiang Yao, who was closest to Li Hong, subconsciously reached out and grasped Li Hongs arm, pulling her back.

Li Hong unintentionally yelped as she collapsed.

After she had regained her balance, she turned her head to gaze at Jiang Yao, then at the stream beside her feet, and she felt inexplicably delighted.

“Miss Jiang, you shouldnt have held me back.

Just let me die in that stream!”

The girls immediately burst into laughter.

On the walk back, everyone was smiling and chuckling because of the brief interlude.

Their bad mood was likewise washed away.

Jiang Yao stood behind the three of them and walked slowly..

Then, as if she had thought of something, she lifted the button on the tag on her right arm and glanced at it.

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