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Chapter 1674: The New Dormitory

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All the major newspapers, magazines, and radio stations had printed the advertisements.

The most eye-catching part of the advertisement was the introduction of that anti-stress medicine.

It also introduced the relationship between that anti-stress medicine and the Divine Doctor.

Jiang Yao had asked Lu Yuqing to point out that the Divine Doctor had developed the medicine a year before her death.

She had also used the drug on her patients.

Compared to other anti-stress medicine, theirs did not have any side effects.

It also did not cost much as it was meant to benefit the ordinary folks so that they could afford it.

The Divine Doctor had wanted to help those suffering from high blood pressure.

As the Divine Doctors only student, Jiang Yao had finished what the doctor had not done in time.

Once the advertisement was out, the Changkang Group used the Divine Doctors reputation to spread the news throughout the country in just a few days.

It had already attracted countless peoples attention even before the medicine was officially produced.

After Jiang Yao had arranged the medicine production, she left everything to her staff.

Then, she went to Province A.

Lu Yuqing was busy promoting that medicine and had no time to criticize her for being lazy.

Finally, Jiang Yao went to Province A on 4th July with Moe, Ah Lu, and Big Ke.

The university knew that Jiang Yao would arrive that day, so they arranged for someone to pick her up.

Ah Lu and Big Ke went off on their own after they got off the plane.

Jiang Yao went to the dormitory with the person who picked her up.

Jiang Yao was there as Professor Ouyangs assistant.

So, her dormitory was better than the average students.

It was a one-bedroom house.

The house was not big, only about 40 to 50 square meters, but the kitchen, the bathroom, the balcony, everything that should be there was there.

Her house was part of the universitys faculty dormitory, but it was a new building.

Therefore, the layout was better than the old houses there.

“I didnt expect Assistant Jiang to be so young.” The one who took Jiang Yao to the dormitory was a student of Professor Ouyang.

He looked to be 25 years old.

He was a student who wore glasses and looked gentle.

When he spoke, his voice was also small and not loud.

Medical students were given preferential treatment at the university.

That preferential treatment was even more apparent to the graduate students.

Their dormitory was next to Jiang Yaos building, which was also a new building.

However, the conditions were still not as good as Jiang Yaos.

It was a room for two people.

The person who went to pick Jiang Yao up was a teacher from the universitys administrative office.

After he sent Jiang Yao downstairs, he asked the student to bring Jiang Yao to the dormitory.

If she were not satisfied, she could look at other empty rooms.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Jiang Yao put her luggage on the ground.

She did expect the student to comment on her age.

Then, she turned around and asked, “Whats your name The other students are still in class, right”

“My name is Wu Boyan.

You can call me Xiao Wu.” Even though Jiang Yao looked much younger than him, she was still a teachers assistant.

Therefore, Wu Boyan did not dare ask Jiang Yao to address him as a senior.

“The other students are in the dormitory..

We would like to treat you to dinner tonight so that we can get to know each other,” Wu Boyan said.

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