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“Didnt they look down on our project Didnt they mock us for overthinking and acting childishly for our age Why are you thinking about them now” Xiao An pounded her feet fiercely.

“The fungus in the destroyed Petri dishes were nearly half a years worth of our efforts.

It was completely ruined.

Furthermore, Director Lu was the sole person responsible for bringing those two devices back from abroad.

It took them just a moment to ruin something worth over a hundred thousand dollars! How cheap and destructive do those folks have to be”

The two machines were worth more than the research lab and the house combined.

The two devices had been ordered in Huang Chengjings favor.

Since the machines were large and imported, they required time-consuming customs clearance, tax filing, and shipment.

Those who conducted the study were less concerned with their body and more concerned with the experimental apparatus.

“Its all right.

Dont be upset.

If something is broken, well fix it.

We will fix it again if we cant get it fixed the first time.

Its not like we can change anything anyway.” Jiang Yao comforted Xiao An.

“Fortunately, we still have the documents, right It doesnt matter if the experiments were destroyed.

We can start all over again.

Perhaps the new trial will yield more results.”

Jiang Yao disagreed with Lin Teichengs guess.

They would have stolen it long ago if their old employer had dispatched someone to steal it.

Why did it happen at such an opportune moment It was stolen the day after they announced the Divine Doctors death.

Jiang Yao suspected that the Divine Doctors death was the catalyst for the robbery.

Those individuals must have been aware that the research institute was associated with her.

Maybe they thought the lab would have something valuable since it was tied to her.

Everyone thought the documents in the cabinet were useful.

Why would they be locked up if they were not important

“Director Jiang, you definitely know how to make people feel better.”

Xiao An snorted.

“We are just sorry for Director Jiangs money.

We just got those two devices.”

“I am just relieved that you didnt stay here last night to work late and run into criminals.

Given the state of the lab, it is likely that at least two or three people came in yesterday night.

If you had been here at the time, you might have been wounded.” Jiang Yao felt terrible for the two devices as well.

It was, however, pointless to feel sorry about that.

Instead of dwelling on what they had lost, they might as well comfort themselves with what they still had.

Would those trivial concerns not irritate a person if they were not optimistic

She did not want to go to class, so she skipped it in the morning.

Instead, she lingered in the lab to assist the clean-up effort.

She had to deal with something in the morning, so she was only there at 11.30 a.m.

Huang Chengjing had also arrived.

Jiang Yao and the others had almost finished cleaning up the lab when the two of them arrived.

However, the locked cabinet was empty.

Huang Chengjing stood in the lab and looked around the room.

Then he cast a leisurely glance at Jiang Yao.

Even if the machines could be fixed, the cost would be very expensive.

Since he could not fix the machine in the country, he had to send the devices back to the manufacturer..

It would take some time before they could get it back, and it would be pretty costly to fix the various broken parts.

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