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Chapter 1664: Want To Go To Luo City

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“That type of individual is someone who understands what I dont.

Then I notice that the lady is unhappy, and I notice that everyone around her is unhappy as well.”

Wen Xuehui breathed a sigh of relief and began cheering for Jiang Yao after noticing that she did not appear to be putting on a brave face at all.

“Then you should do well on the exam and achieve a good grade.

Make your teacher proud! Come on, lets cheer for Jiang Yao!”

The girls lifted the soda can in their hands and toasted Jiang Yao.

No one turned to look at the table behind them.

Everyone wanted to go shopping after dinner, but Professor Ouyang had summoned Jiang Yao.

Professor Ouyang could not sit still after learning that Jiang Yao had returned.

He would have found Jiang Yao long ago if it had not been for the minor stuff.

“It has been a long time.

Have you considered what you want to do once you graduate” Professor Ouyang inquired of Jiang Yao about the plans following the exam.

He did not ask about Jiang Yaos mood or her exam preparation.

Professor Ouyang thought Jiang Yao must have confidence in the exam because she had planned to graduate early.

She was, after all, the Divine Doctors student.

However, Jiang Yao would never brag about that.

Professor Ouyang rolled his eyes at Jiang Yao as he noticed she was still shaking her head.

“You are really daring! Your seniors have already begun studying for the postgraduate entrance exam! I have opened a door for you, but you are not using it properly.”

Jiang Yao sat quietly, holding a cup of water.

She bowed her head and sipped her drink slowly.

When Professor Ouyang noticed her calm and serene demeanor, he thought he did not need to be anxious about it.

“I know what youre thinking.

You want to stay in Luo City so that you can be with your husband.

Well, luck is on your side.

Coincidentally, I will be starting a three-year job at Province A at the end of this semester.

Our school has a cooperation with a local university there.

A medical department was created at the local university a few years ago.

Their school extended an invitation to us last month.

Chancellor Wen and I had agreed to it.”

“Did you hurt Chancellor Wens feelings” Jiang Yao inquired, a friendly smile on his face.

“Arent you disrespecting Chancellor Wen by going to Province As university”

“Why are you so concerned about that”

Professor Ouyang exclaimed, “I am going to a university in Province A to teach a batch of graduate students.

Will you join me or not If you sign up for my graduate student program and pass the exam, I will hire you as an assistant at the university.”

Professor Ouyang sat calmly and lifted his eyebrows, suppressing a smirk as he glanced at Jiang Yao, waiting for her response.

The local university was in Luo City in Province A.

He thought Jiang Yao would like that!

He had assigned all of his students to other supervisors for the sake of that position.

In any case, it was to accommodate a student like Jiang Yao.

There was nothing he could not accomplish for her.

He was hungry for brilliance, and he had his sights set on a student named Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yaos calm and indifferent expression lit up.

“Well, Ill follow you if youre going to Luo City.”

Jiang Yao was ecstatic.

Someone had offered her such a great opportunity!

It would be perfect for Jiang Yao to accompany Professor Ouyang to Luo City..

Lu Xingzhis forces would be there, and she would be there as well.

It would not be a problem as long as he did not go on missions, even if they saw each other every day!

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