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Chapter 1663: Shes After Wen Xuehui

Jiang Yaos return to participate in the early graduation exam at the time gave everyone the impression that they were watching a spectacle.

Another reason everyone was more interested in Jiang Yao was the news of the Divine Doctors death in the aviation tragedy.

Everyone in the school knew that Jiang Yao was the Divine Doctors student, so everyone guessed that her participation in the graduation exam was also the result of the Divine Doctors guidance.

They also wanted to see the impact of the Divine Doctors death on Jiang Yao.

Some people were worried that the Divine Doctors death would have a negative impact on Jiang Yaos mood in the exam, and naturally, some people hoped that Jiang Yao would not do well in the exam because of that.

The five of them found an empty table in a small shop and sat down.

None of them had asked Jiang Yao about the Divine Doctors death.

When they heard the news, Wen Xuehui and the others had already agreed that when Jiang Yao returned, no one was allowed to mention it, lest it upset Jiang Yao.

The four roommates did not mention it, but Jiang Yao, a big-hearted person, did not seem to take the Divine Doctors death to heart.

After all, she knew the truth—no one had died.

Therefore, when the four roommates chatted with her, she did not look like she had just lost someone dear to her.

However, some people could not stand the five happy friends.

When they passed by that table, they snorted and mocked her.

“To think that she is still the Divine Doctors student.

Her teacher had died not long ago, and she is already smiling like everything is fine.

Some people have no conscience at all.”

That person did not speak softly.

After she finished speaking, she sat in one of the empty seats next to Jiang Yao and the others.

Jiang Yao was eating with her head lowered.

When she heard that, she looked at the person who had walked away.

Was he looking for trouble

However, Li Yi and the others immediately became nervous.

They were worried that Jiang Yao would feel sad because of that persons words.

Chen Siyang said, “Yaoyao, dont listen to her.

She wants to study abroad, but her grades arent very good.

Her family pulled many strings and wanted Chancellor Wen to replace one of them with her, but Chancellor Wen disagreed.

So, she kept glaring at Xuehui as if Xuehui owed her something.”

They were Wen Xuehuis roommates, and they knew she was innocent.

They had felt insulted on her behalf.

Then, the same person saw Jiang Yao and targeted her as well.

“Yeah, shes very narrow-minded.”

Wen Xuehui nodded in agreement.

“Her mouth is very sharp, but shes also very cowardly.

She only knows how to talk.

Think nothing of her words.”

Chen Siyang echoed, “Thats right.

We cant control what other people say.”

“Im fine.”

Jiang Yao smiled.

“Its been more than a month since the incident.

Im fine now.

No one can see how I feel about my teacher.

She also wished for me to graduate early.

Therefore, my priority now is the exam.

I want to pass this exam for her.”

Wen Xuehui was right—that person was cowardly.

Jiang Yao was deliberate when she spoke loudly.

She meant for that person to hear her.

However, that person did not say anything else..

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