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Chapter 1651: Seal The Mine

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Ruan Yongjun used to be good friends with Lu Xingzhi.

He referred to Lu Xingzhi as Young Master Lu as his admiration for Lu Xingzhi grew stronger by the day.

“When Young Master Lu arranged for someone to deliver the painting to General Min Pang, he probably would not have guessed that Master Sen had designs of the neurotoxin.

At that time, Young Master Lu mainly wanted to prevent Ah Das sister from taking revenge.

Master Sen is protecting her in YN.

Master Sen knows the reason, and Master Sens biggest political enemy here is General Min Pang.

Young Master Lu has to guard against Master Sen and that woman.

Its best to take action with General Min Pang.”

Ruan Yongjun explained, “However, the Zhu family is also here, and Zhu Qianlan is Master Sens woman.

Young Master Lu imagined that the Zhu family had suffered such a great loss at your hands, including the fact that Zhu Qianlan was forced to return to Ping City.

Therefore, Young Master Lu guessed that the Zhu family might use Master Sen to take revenge.

The series of actions to exterminate the Zhu family had been arranged by Lu Xingzhi a long time ago.

“Young Master Lu said that once the Zhu family makes a move, Carl and I will follow his instructions to eliminate the Zhu family from YN.

Once the Zhu familys business here in YN is destroyed, the entire Zhu family in Ping City will be severely affected.

After he finishes his closed-door training, we will personally take care of the Zhu family in Ping City.

“It was Young Master Lus idea to seal the Zhu familys mine with a mining accident.

It was also Young Master Lus idea to send the Zhu familys business to General Min Pang.” If Lu Xingzhi had not specifically instructed Carl and Ruan Yongjun, they might have taken advantage of that opportunity to seize the Zhu familys mine for themselves.

However, since Lu Xingzhi had instructed them not to touch the Zhu familys things and to hand them over to General Min Pang, although they did not understand the reason behind it, Carl and Ruan Yongjun still followed Lu Xingzhis instructions and made the appropriate arrangements.

However, after a tea session with General Min Pang that day, Carl and Ruan Yongjun knew what Lu Xingzhi meant by that arrangement.

General Min Pang was a soldier.

He had a strong sense of territory.

That was YNs territory.

General Min Pang did not like greedy foreign businessmen.

“Oh, right! Director Jiang, the YN government is about to sign an anti-drug convention with your country.

From now on, our two countries will become allies in the anti-drug cause.

I heard from General Min Pang that your countrys General Liang would come to our country to sign the treaty.

The treaty also mentioned something that interests me quite a bit.

Your country will send technical cadres and some tea farmers to help our farmers plant tea leaves.

Your country will set up a tea chamber of commerce in our country, and it will be responsible for the development of our countrys tea industry.”

Jiang Yao digested the news for a long time.

She was not unfamiliar with the anti-drug treaty.

The two countries had worked hard on the anti-drug war for several years before her rebirth.

Later, they did sign an anti-drug treaty.

The anti-drug treaty also mentioned that the domestic tea cultivation technology would be passed on to YN farmers, teaching them how to grow tea and become rich.

That was why Jiang Yao supported Jiang Lei when he had said that he wanted to do tea business with his friends, because she knew that in a few years, the tea industry would become mainstream, and she knew that the tea business would make a lot of money.

The anti-drug treaty was to be signed in advance, and the tea industry in YN was to be developed in advance, which meant that Jiang Leis opportunity was also brought forward.

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