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Chapter 1636: Only A Strong Country

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Cheng Jinyan did not even need to ask how his father had felt after soaking in the medicinal bath.

He looked much more relaxed.

Otherwise, he would not look that good in that days wet and humid weather.

Jiang Yao did not know what Cheng Jinyan had done, and she did not know much about the Cheng familys abilities.

However, when she woke up the following day, she received a text message informing her that Master Sens men had left the county the previous night.

When Jiang Yao heard that news, she guessed that Master Sen must have believed the Divine Doctors death and confirmed that she was of no use to him before withdrawing his men, so she felt much more relaxed.

Even though those people would not appear again, she could not act so carefree when so many other people were observing her.

It would be annoying to know exactly how many people were keeping an eye on her in a four-kilometer radius.

The Lu familys breakfast table had many people early in the morning.

The Lu familys lifestyle was simple.

If it were not for people coming to pay their New Years greetings, there would rarely be such a lively time throughout the year.


Lu was used to listening to the radio during breakfast; the radio was on in the dining room.

Jiang Yao picked up her chopsticks.

Just as she sat down, she heard the radio announcer report that the biggest boss behind the most prominent human trafficking group in the country had been arrested at three oclock in the morning.

“Thats great! Our soldiers are so powerful!” After Mr.

Lu heard it, he was so happy that he slapped the table.

“When I listened to the broadcast, I thought that the biggest boss would just slip away.

They only caught a few low-level soldiers, and that would be the end of it.

I did not expect the country not to disappoint the commoners!”

“Its good that we caught him.

Even if we executed him a hundred times, it would be useless.

Many peoples children are still missing.” Mrs.

Lu was also extremely excited.

The common people could not decide who the new leader would be, nor could they decide on national affairs.

However, each one of them was concerned about the countrys big and small matters and the peoples livelihood.

A while ago, the news that the country had severely punished human traffickers attracted the attention of the ordinary people in the country.

While everyone was happy that their country had done something, they were also regretful that the biggest boss of that gang had run away.

“Only when the country and the army is strong will the common people have a stable life.” Mr.

Lu was so excited that he did not even eat breakfast.

He turned around and said to Mrs.

Lu, “Do you believe it In another 10 to 20 years, our country will be able to compare with other first-world countries.

In the past, our country was backward, but now our country is becoming more and more powerful.

We are in a good era!”


Lu and Mrs.

Lu started talking about their parents hard lives.

They talked about the hardships of their youth.

Jiang Yao laughed discreetly.

It seemed that people of her parents generation always liked to think hard, and even her parents were no exception.

If Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu knew that the big boss capture was due to Lu Xingzhis effort, they would be so proud of him.

After hearing the news, Jiang Yao believed that Mr.

Lus reaction was not just his own.


Lu represented those who paid attention to the countrys big and small matters.

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