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Chapter 1635: Send A Message To Master Sen

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Master Cheng clicked his tongue and did not say anything else because he knew Cheng Xinyou was telling the truth.

Initially, when the two of them first got together, it was not because of any feelings but because they needed to use each other.

He had to spend a long time in prison.

Even though prison life could not torture him, it made his time exceedingly dull.

Cheng Xinyou was a southern girl.

Burly female prisoners were common in prison, so Cheng Xinyous arrival had become everyones sole focus.

She was a hot-blooded object for those men.

Even Master Cheng paid attention to Cheng Xinyou.

The first encounter between the two was when Cheng Xinyou deliberately approached him.

At that time, Master Cheng fancied Cheng Xinyous face and body.

Cheng Xinyous existence was a kind of entertainment in his boring prison life.

For Cheng Xinyou, Master Cheng was nothing more than a crutch for her in a place where only the strong would survive.

She gave her body and received Master Chengs protection.

At that time, all she wanted was to survive.

She never thought that Master Cheng would arrange for her to leave a prison sentence that was supposed to last her entire youth.

She never thought that when she gave her body away, she would inadvertently give her heart too.

She never thought that she would eventually marry him and become his wife; she would become a woman that he doted upon.

Master Cheng and his wife talked over the phone for more than half an hour.

When he heard the nurse who took care of his wife urge her to take a nap, he hung up and went to Cheng Jinyans room.

“You were looking for me just now” Cheng Jinyans door was not closed, so Master Cheng stood at the door.

Cheng Jinyan nodded.

“Weve found out the identities of those people in town who are observing Little Sister.”

Cheng Jinyan called Jiang Yao by her name when he was with her.

However, he would refer to her as his little sister when he was with family.

“There are many soldiers, the Zhu family of Ping City, YNs Zhu Jius men, YNs Master Sen, and the Qian family of Jindo City.” Cheng Jinyan sneered.

“There are quite a lot of people.

The soldiers are probably Lu Xingzhis men because Little Sisters family members have that group of people around them.

The Zhu family of Ping City has never been close to Little Sister.

Those people are wandering outside the county town to ask for information.

The Qian family only arrived today.

They should be here to find out the truth about the Divine Doctors plane crash.”

As for Master Sens man, Cheng Jinyan did not need to say anything to know why he was there.

“Send a message to Master Sen, tell him to withdraw his men within a day.

If we find his men again, the Cheng family will wipe out half an acre of his f*cking land, and he wont even be able to get a single item of the goods he ordered.”

“Then Ill go and meet Uncle Li first.

Master Sen has bought his goods from Uncle Li in recent years.” Cheng Jinyan was not surprised that Master Cheng would go to such lengths for Jiang Yao.

“Alright.” Master Cheng shook his head and said, “Its better if I call him myself.

He still doesnt know our connection.

I should tell him such an important thing personally.”

Cheng Jinyan curled the corners of his lips into a smile.

He nodded and asked again, “Is Mom doing well at home alone It should be her lunch break right now, right ”

“She sounds pretty good.” Then, he turned around and left.

When he left, he was in a good mood..

He put his hands in the pockets of his robe and walked briskly.

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