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Chapter 1632: Unifying The World

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“More importantly, Master Sen wants to make money so that he has enough money to buy more advanced military equipment and expand his private army.

Once Master Sen succeeds, he might even be able to change YNs commander, and as for his opponent, he fears Master Sens strength.”

Jiang Yao immediately understood that Lu Xingzhi was taking advantage of the situation in YN and using Master Sens opponent to deal with Master Sen.

“Master Sen wants to weaponize the neurotoxin in your hands.

Master Sen is a warmonger.

Once his private army has expanded to his satisfaction, he will have enough arms and the neurotoxin in his hands.

The first thing he will do is become YNs new leader and launch an invasion war against some small border countries.

Perhaps his first targets will not be your country, but DM Country and LW Country.

But your country is definitely one of his targets.”

Jiang Yao was stunned for a few seconds before she quickly calmed down.

Master Sens ambition must not have succeeded.

She had never heard of any coup in YN.

She had also never heard MD Country being invaded, which meant that Master Sen failed in her previous life.

“You just said that Master Sen wanted to expand his drug business, so I can understand if he wants MD and LW.

Those two places have the best poppy seeds.

There is no other place in the world that is more suitable for the growth and reproduction of poppies, including YN.”

“Master Sen cant be thinking of unifying the whole world, right”

Big Ke suddenly interjected and laughed out loud.

“I dont dare say this about other small countries, but with our country, we can kill small countries like yours by taking turns fighting.”

Ruan Yongjun glanced at Big Ke and did not respond.

Obviously, he was dissatisfied that Big Ke so belittled his country, but the two countries economies were very different.

If they really took action, YN would have no chance of winning, so he had nothing to say.

If that was the case, why did Master Sen want to find the neurotoxin and use biological weapons to solve the problem of the disparity in strength

“Director Jiang, are you sure you dont need additional manpower here”

Ruan Yongjun continued to say, “If you dont need it, then Ill return to YN in the afternoon.

If you need it, Ill stay here and wait for Carl to send people here.”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

Since everyone who paid attention to the Divine Doctor knew that he was dead, Master Sen would send people to keep an eye on her.

However, they would only watch her from a distance.

If he confirmed that she was of no use to him, Master Sen would probably immediately withdraw all the remaining people.

Therefore, if there were too many people around Jiang Yao, it would arouse Master Sens suspicion instead.

There was no need for that.

It was rare for Ruan Yongjun to be there.

Jiang Yao could have brought Ruan Yongjun around the county town, but she knew she should go out as little as possible.

Jiang Yao was afraid that Mrs.

Lu would be worried if she went out for too long.

After she spoke to Ruan Yongjun, she called Mr.

Liang and told him what Ruan Yongjun had said.

She also sent Mr.

Liang the contact information for Carl, and then Mr.

Liang went to contact Carl.

Since Jiang Yao did not have anything else to do, she left the courtyard.

She even took a detour to the alley to buy snacks before returning to the Lu family.

As soon as Jiang Yao entered the house, Cheng Jinnian, who had been sitting there watching TV, quickly stood up..

His gaze landed firmly on Jiang Yaos hand.

He sniffed and exclaimed, “Stinky tofu!”

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