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Chapter 1613: Going All Out

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“Ill also find a weeks worth of rations for him!” With someone taking the lead, many people agreed with him.

The most torturous part of that phase of closed-door training was the excessive amount of training during the day and the fact that, after the training, one had to go to the mountains to find food and water if one wanted to eat or drink.

It was possible to find dried rations and water that were hidden everywhere in the mountains.

They did not have to search for water all over the mountains because there was a mountain spring there.

Even if it was raining in the mountains, the spring water was still very clear.

However, they had to search for the rations all over the mountains and ridges.

Otherwise, one would be so hungry that one would not have the strength to train the next day.

No one expected Colonel Lu to be merciful enough to let them go the next day so that they could reduce their training.

There was no such thing at all.

They did not even think about it.

In fact, those who could not find food had to step up their training the next day.

Colonel Lu would ask why those people could not find food when others could It meant that they were useless, and that was why they had to step up their training.

Stupid people had to be more diligent than others.

Therefore, that group still had to spend some time searching for food all over the mountains and plains during the days training.

Some people also choose to spend two to three hours in the evening after training to go out and look for food for the next day or even the third day.

“Its only two weeks of rations.

Whos in You might not need to look for food for half a month! If anyone does this, Ill bring them water for the next half month!” A female soldier said.

The stakes were getting higher and higher.

Whoever agreed to do that would not need to search for food and water for half a month.

Other people would get those for them.

It was quite tempting.

However, the group sat there in a daze.

No one stood up.

Everyone was terrified.

Colonel Lus treasure was that metal box.

He would skin them alive if he knew that they were planning to take it.

Whether Colonel Lus beloved wife was real or fake, that metal box was definitely his treasure.

Otherwise, why would he bring such a thing for training

“Hey, Hey, why isnt anyone saying anything Then Ill add more benefits.

If anyone steals it, Ill get them rations until the end of that training period! ”

Someone at the side jeered, “F*ck! Youre really going all out! Who will do it Is there anyone brave enough to stand up for this Come on!”

A younger soldier looked around and saw that his comrades around him were silent.

When he thought of not having to find food in the future, the young warrior straightened his back and stood up.

“Look at you! All of you are older than me, but you are not as brave as me! If no one is going, then I will go! Its agreed that if I bring the box here, Brother Yang, you will be responsible for all my rations in the future.

That person nodded excitedly, “Yes, I agree.

With so many people listening, how can I lie to you Xiao Gao, go, go! Quickly go! Sooner rather than later!”

Xiao Gao looked at his colonels tent from afar and scratched his head.

It seemed that he was a little scared at the last minute, but he had been arrogant just then.

They would definitely laugh at him if he went back on his word.

Xiao Gao cheered himself up in his heart and walked toward the tent with a valiant posture.

Lu Xingzhi was the only one who lived in a tent.

The rest were all in a tent.

Xiao Gao would not be able to find help if he wanted to.

Therefore, after he walked forward, he hid beside the tent..

Then, he carefully observed while thinking of an excuse to enter the room.

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