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Chapter 158: Why Dont You Marry Me

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“Jiang Yao, your husband borrowed the car from Qi Xiang.

Do you think that your husband is wealthy Let me tell you, your husband is a nobody in Nanjiang City.

Your marriage is a lie!” Although Zhang Xiqing needed someone to help her stand due to how tired she was, she would say out thetruth once she had the chance.

She desperately wanted to witness Jiang Yao being knocked down.

“Jiang Yao, I suppose that your husband even borrowed money to buy you the phone, how wealthy do you think your husband is You husband has just bitten off more than he could chew! Your husband might be heavily in debt at the moment, and your certificate of marriage might even be fake!”

“Zhang Xiqing, are you stupid” Qi Xiang opened up and scolded Zhang Xiqing.

The Zhou family was poor If the Zhou family was poor, wouldnt the Zhang family be sleeping on the streets

“Qi Xiang!” Zhang Xiqing got scolded out of nowhere and she stomped her feet angrily.

“Qi Xiang, how dare you scold me!”

“Hmph.” After Zhang Xiqing finished talking, she had just turned herself into a dummy in Qi Xiangs eyes.

Therefore, he did not bother about Zhang Xiqing anymore.

He turned around and looked in the direction of Jiang Yao, who had been staring at them with cold eyes.

“Jiang Yao, Zhou Four1 was the one who gave you a phone and picked you up with my car.

We call him Zhou Four, but do you really know about his identity You were telling others that you are Zhou Fours wife.

Does he know about that Did Zhou Four admit that youre his wife”

Back at Jindo City, once Weiqi heard what Qi Xiang said, he was so shocked that he jumped straight up from his sofa and fell onto the ground.

He was currently living at the house which Xingzhi had given him while he was also hearing from his friend Qi Xiang, who was on the other end of the phone in Nanjiang City, saying that Jiang Yao was his wife.

His body quivered once Xingzhis face popped into his mind.

No, he could not let Xingzhi hear that sentence, or else it wouldnt only be Qi Xiang who would be screwed—he would be doomed too.

Xingzhis possessiveness towards his wife was really scary!

Jiang Yao could not hold it back and burst out laughing.

“Oh…so Zhou Fours real name is Zhou Weiqi.

I thought Zhou Four was his true name and he might even have brothers or sisters named Zhou One, Zhou Two, Zhou Three.”

“Jiang Yao…” Weiqi heard her and spoke through the phone.

His voice was filled with sorrow.

His feelings were hurt as Jiang Yao did not remember his name even though they had a meal together previously…

Of course, Jiang Yao did not hear him, but she finally understood the current situation.

After messing around for so long, everyone thought that Weiqi was her husband.

However, Qi Xiang should know about Weiqis true identity.

If that was the case, what was Qi Xiang trying to do

“Jiang Yao, it would be impossible for Weiqi to marry you.

If he told you that he was going to marry you, he mustve been messing with you.

He has already gone back to Jindo City and hell never return if nothing happens.” Qi Xiang stepped to the front.

With the help of the street lights, he could capture the image of a goddess which was few steps in front of him.

He could not help but to let out a sigh out of exclamation.

“You look even more beautiful in person than you are in the photo…”

As a matter of fact, her photo was taken by Zhang Xiqing and she would not wait for anyone to stand straight or be ready when she took a photo.

However, she was standing under a street lamp at that moment and her palm-sized face was fully revealed.

Not a single facial feature of hers was covered.

Her clean forehead was just on point and her watery eyes were like a pond of crystal clear water.

Below her high-bridged nose, there was a pinkish cherry-like mouth and it would tempt anyone to have the urge to taste it.


Qi Xiangs heart melted as if it was tickled by a cats tail.

She was so beautiful! She was like a hidden gem, as beautiful as the starry night.

Quiet yet elegant, there was a distinctive and unique temperament about her.

“Jiang Yao, why dont you consider me Weiqi might not be able to marry you but I can marry you once you graduate.” Qi Xiang was really thinking about that.

She was a high performing student of Nanjiang Medical University and looked beautiful.

With the help of the Zhang family in the future, even if she did not want to work at a hospital, she could be a lecturer at the university.

If he were to marry a woman like her, not only was she pleasant to the eyes, but she could even boost his prestige.

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