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Chapter 1546: Fattys Older Sister

“They were bullying us! They were the ones who made the first move, and they wouldnt allow us to fight back Adults are the most unreasonable.

You only know how to bully orphans!” The boys eyes immediately turned red as he stood there and sniffed.

“Dont cry!” The boy standing at the front turned his head and shouted at his crying companion.

“What kind of hero are you”

“I cant even cry”

The child stopped crying.

After shouting at his companion, the child raised his head and looked at Lu Xingzhi, saying, “That teacher deliberately bullied us! She knew that we had never studied before, but she kept asking us questions.

When we couldnt answer, she would tease us in front of the entire class, calling us idiots.

When we didnt understand her, she asked us to get out of the class and stand at the door as punishment.

We dont like her! Shes that fattys sister! ”


Lu Xingzhi did not react in time.

“The fattys sister who lives next door to you! Her surname is e.

So she was Colonel Yes eldest daughter, Ye Xueli.

Lu Xingzhi immediately knew the identity of that female teacher.

It made sense for Miss Ye to treat those children that way because they frequently bullied the other children in the base.

She might have hated those children.


Wang is very good to us!”

The child who cried just now said, “Mr.

Wang teaches us math.

Hes a very good person.

He knows that we havent gone to school before.

When hes free, he will go to the welfare institute to give us free lessons.

We love math lessons! Even though he will sometimes ask us questions, he will explain them to us if we dont understand.

We like Mr.

Wang, and we dont like Miss Ye!”

After Lu Xingzhi heard those words, he did not know what to say.

With his temper, if he had met a teacher like Miss Ye when he was still studying, he would not have liked them too.

One could say those children had his temper.

It made sense to beat ones attacker.

Otherwise, should one just sit back and wait for other peoples attacks

“Alright, I will find a teacher who will teach you.”

Lu Xingzhi pointed in the direction of the Welfare Institute, indicating that they could go back.

After a pause, he called them back one by one.

“Previously, when I asked about your family, none of you were willing to tell me.

Now, I will tell you something, and you should think about it carefully.

When they heard Lu Xingzhi mention their family again, the children quickly put on a guarded expression.

“I dont know why all of you are wandering outside.

If you want to find your family, you should let me know.

I will get someone to run some tests with your blood.

Maybe we can find your family that way.” After that, he waved his hand and told them to return to the welfare institute.

The children looked at the leader of the group.

Seeing that he did not say anything, the children did not say anything either.

They had received Lu Xingzhis permission to go.

They scattered and ran back to the welfare home.

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