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Chapter 1524: Get Out Of Here

Then, Mrs.

Lu was about to return to the kitchen.

Second Aunt Li quickly pulled her back and looked at Mrs.

Lu as if she was looking at a fool.

“Sister-in-law, are you stupid Jiang Yao is already married into the Lu family.

How can the dowry not belong to the Lu family You are her mother-in-law.

If you ask for it, how dare she not give it to you”

“The Lu family does not have the habit of stealing the dowry of their daughter-in-law.

Those things belong to her.

Even if we are a family, there are lines we do not cross.

Even though I am her mother-in-law, I am a reasonable person!” Mrs.

Lu shook off Second Aunt Lis arm.

Even if she lent her sister-in-law those things, that woman would never return those items to her.

She had suffered through the same thing when she was younger.

Whenever her sisters-in-law borrowed her things, they never returned the item.

Eventually, Mrs.

Lu figured it out.

So she never wanted to lend anything to them again.

She had learned from her mistakes.

She would not even lend them a jar of salt, let alone Jiang Yaos dowry.

“Call for Jiang Yao then.

Well ask her about it.” Second Aunt Li was confident that Jiang Yao would not refuse an older person.

It was an excellent way to control a young man and his new wife.

“Shes resting upstairs.

Dont disturb her.” Mrs.

Lu would not do that.

She turned around and went into the kitchen.

Second Aunt Li looked at Mrs.

Lu, who had entered the kitchen, resentfully.

Then she looked at the other older woman.

“What should we do”

Li Qing did not care whether Jiang Yao was resting or not.

She shouted, “Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law! My mother and aunt are looking for you.

Come down quickly!”

Jiang Yao had heard everything that happened downstairs.

Those women were shameless! They thought they could do anything there.

Jiang Yao opened the door and walked out, but she did not go downstairs.

She just stood on the second floor and asked lazily, “Whats the matter”

Li Qing quickly said, “Auntie wants to borrow your sewing machine, and my mom wants to borrow your bicycle.”

Jiang Yao stood on the second floor and smiled.

Under the expectant and determined gazes of the three people below, she said, “No.” Then, under the astonished expressions of the three people, she slowly walked back to her room.

She slammed the door shut.

Even Mrs.

Lu could not be bothered with people, so there was no need for her to bother with them.

When Jiang Yao returned to her room, Lu Xingzhi just happened to walk out of the bathroom.

His entire body was dripping wet.

He was only wearing a towel, drying his hair with another towel in one hand.

He asked, “Whos that”

“First Aunt, Second Aunt, and Li Qing.” Jiang Yao shrugged her shoulders.

“They took a fancy to my sewing machine and bicycle and said that they wanted to borrow them from me, but I refused.”

Just as Jiang Yao finished her words, the door to the room suddenly opened.

The next second, Li Qing appeared at the door and growled, “Jiang Yao, why are you like that Will you die if we borrow something that you dont use Youre so stingy.”

Li Qing stopped before she could say anything because she saw the cold look in her cousins eyes.

It was as if she could be strangled to death.

“Get out!” Lu Xingzhi did not hide his anger.

Following his words, the table lamp on the bedside flew toward the door.

Li Qing, who was dumbfounded, could not dodge it in time.

The lamp hit her shoulder and, and she screamed in fear.

After the table lamp hit her, it exploded at her feet.

The people downstairs were so shocked that they hurriedly ran upstairs.

Lu Xingzhi walked forward and slammed the door shut.

He locked the door and went to the bathroom to put on his clothes.

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