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Chapter 1512: Satisfying

“Yaoyao, youre back in town Is this the Lu familys number” Mr.

Jiang asked as soon as he saw the phone number.

“Yes, Dad.

Xingzhi and I just got home not long ago.

We just explained to dad and mom where we were, and now were calling you.

Have you and Mom been worried these past few days Its my fault for making you guys worry again.

Im sorry.”

Jiang Yaos apology sounded a little choked up.

If Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu were so worried, then Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang would suffer even more.


and Mrs.

Lu were open-minded and always busy with work.

The townspeople might have talked about her, but they would not go up to Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu and tell them those rumors because they were afraid of the Lu family.

However, the Jiang family was different.

The Jiang family was in the village, so the villagers were not afraid of them.

Naturally, they would dare to say anything.

Some even made sarcastic remarks behind their backs.

They might have forced themselves in the Jiang familys home to mock her parents.

“Xingzhi came back with you Have you been with Xingzhi all this time” Mr.

Jiang was relieved when he heard that Jiang Yao was with Lu Xingzhi.

Jiang Yao said, “Yes, Ive been with him all this time.

I cant tell you the details over the phone.

We will tell you when we get home tonight.

Im good with Xingzhi.

Tell Mom too.

Dont listen to other peoples nonsense.

I am your daughter.

Would I do such an immoral thing Besides, would I love anyone else other than my husband My husband is so good.

Why would I look at another man You and Mom picked him for me, and he is the best husband in the world.

Would I abandon him”

Jiang Yao dared to speak so bluntly.

On the one hand, she wanted to appease her fathers emotions.

On the other hand, she knew that there was no one in the living room, so she was brave.

However, she did not know that Lu Xingzhi and Mr.

Lu happened to come out of the study.

The two of them stood by the stairwell on the second floor, listening to every word Jiang Yao said.


Lu was surprised.

He turned to look at Lu Xingzhi and saw that his son had a smile on his face.

His hands were in his pockets as he stood there comfortably, not preparing to go downstairs.

It seemed like he was ready to continue listening to how Jiang Yao would praise him.

“Its very satisfying, isnt it”


Lu made a joke.

He raised his hand and patted Lu Xingzhis shoulder.

“Look at your wife praising you to the heavens.

Your mother hasnt praised me like that since she married me for so long.”

“Well, the apprentice has surpassed the master.”

Lu Xingzhi leaned against the railing and did not plan to go downstairs for the moment.

It was rare to hear Jiang Yao praise him like that.

If he did not listen for a while longer, it would not be a good thing, right


Lu scoffed and returned to the study.

Only Lu Xingzhi wanted to listen to his wife praise him more.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yao did not notice the pair of eyes staring at her from the second floor.

She was still comforting her father, who had been worried for a long time.

“So, Dad, dont worry.

Xingzhi and I are fine.

His mom and dad are fine too.

Tell Mom, Eldest Brother, and Sister-in-law not to worry.

Xingzhi and I will go back to see you guys tonight.”

Lu Xingzhi decided to make his presence known.

He quickly walked to Jiang Yaos side and took the phone.

“Dad, Im going to pick you guys up now so we can have dinner here.”

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