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Chapter 1511: It Will Be Lively

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Lu was right.

Their family was wealthy.

He did not need his son to join the army to earn a bright future.

It was only because Lu Xingzhi was determined to do so that he could not persuade him.

However, as parents, they would worry every day when they did not see their son.


Lu felt that Jiang Yaos injuries made him even more afraid of losing his loved ones.

The Lu family had always been cold and quiet.

If anything happened to anyone in the family, it would be a massive blow to the family.


Lu did not say much, but Lu Xingzhi understood him.

He could not understand how it felt to be a parent worrying about their child because he had yet to become a father.

However, he understood how it felt to be worried about someone.

Whenever Jiang Yao was not with him, he could not sleep at night.

That kind of worry was bone-deep and torturous.

The father and son rarely sat together to talk about each others work and plans, but they did so in the study.

Meanwhile, Mrs.

Lu and Jiang Yao chatted happily about family matters in the living room.

“Oh, right! You still dont know that Xiaoxiao has already gone to Jindo City, right When she arrived in Jindo City, your second brother picked her up.

He recently moved his business to Jindo City, so hes staying there.

Weve asked him to take care of Xiaoxiao.

Her father even asked your second brother to let Xiaoxiao live next door to him so that he could keep an eye on her.”

Perhaps Mrs.

Lu thought of something funny—she covered her mouth and laughed.

When she had enough, she continued to say, “Those two are like enemies.

When Xiaoxiao arrived in Jindo City two days ago, she called her father several times a day to complain.

She insisted on not living next door to your second brother.

She is still like a child.

Now that I think about it, your suggestion of letting Xiaoxiao go to Jindo City is not bad.

She has to leave her fathers side and learn to grow up.”

“My second brother probably made her suffer a lot.”

Jiang Yao smiled.

“I guess I wont be able to reach her this time.

Otherwise, my second brother would break my phone.”

Jiang Lei always had a sense of responsibility, so he agreed to take care of Xiaoxiao in Jindo City.

Therefore, not only did he go to Jindo City to pick her up, but he also shifted the focus of his business to Jindo City.

He rented a house for Lu Xiaoxiao to keep an eye on her.

However, apart from his sense of responsibility, Jiang Lei was also quite childish.

When he was with his younger sister, Jiang Yao, he could argue with her daily.

He would not even compromise with his sister, let alone a girl he had always had a grudge against in his heart

“Your second brother and Xiaoxiao are in Jindo City.

From now on, their days will be lively.” Mrs.

Lu gently moved the sleeping girl on her lap to the sofa.

She raised her head to look at the time and shook her head helplessly.

“I was so focused on talking to you that I forgot to cook.

You must be starving, right Im going to cook now.

Oh, right, dont forget to give your parents a call to let them know youre home.”

After thinking for a moment, Mrs.

Lu said, “Did you hear what your second aunt and Li Qing said just now The old woman from the Lin family went to Nanjiang City to look for you.

When she came back, she talked about you to everyone.

It was just like what you heard just now.

She was angry that you were hiding from her.

The words she said were very unpleasant.

Your parents must have been worried sick recently.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

After Mrs.

Lu went into the kitchen, she used the phone in the living room to call her family.

After the call was connected, she asked the people in the snack bar to get her parents.

After waiting for a few minutes, Mr..

Jiang finally came to the phone.

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