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Chapter 1504: Mrs.

Lus Family

When Lu Xingzhi was still very young, the living conditions of the Lu family were not good.

At that time, Mr.

Lu and his brother were still on a fixed salary, and since the two brothers had been dependent on each other since they were young, it was tough for them to repay the money they owed.

Later, Lu Xingzhis second uncle left his job to start his own business.

At that time, the family was not wealthy, and Second Uncle Lu also put Lu Xiaoxiao in his eldest brothers care.

As soon as Second Uncle Lu left, people from the Li family came after hearing the news.

They asked Mrs.

Lu why she would help someone else raise their daughter They even scolded Mrs.

Lu for being silly because she treated her niece as if she were her own daughter! Why did she not give that money to her brothers and sisters-in-law


Lus mother did not say those words; it was her two sisters-in-law.

They thought it was their job to persuade her.

When they could not do it, they encouraged their husbands and mother-in-law to say something too.

Since Mrs.

Lu ignored their words and did not give them much money, the Li family did not see them for a few years.

Later, Lu Yuqing had chickenpox.

Since she wanted to be close to their younger siblings, Lu Xingzhi and Lu Xiaoxiao caught it too.

Three children suddenly fell ill.


Lu was anxious because the three children ran a high fever.

She wanted to send the three children to the hospital for treatment.

The family did not have money, so Mrs.

Lu went to her parents house to borrow money.

However, her brother and sister-in-law said they did not have any money, and they did not lend Mrs.

Lu a single cent.

They even said that not every child would get chickenpox.

If the children did not survive, then it was their fate to die.

The Li family had just refused to lend money to Mrs.

Lu when they bought a brand-new bicycle.

It was so grand that even Mrs.

Lu heard the news in town.

Since then, Mrs.

Lu had never returned to her parents house.

She still bought them gifts, but she would immediately leave whenever she dropped the gifts at their home.

No one from the Li family had ever visited the Lu family in all those years, so the two families maintained minimal contact.

It was not until the work of Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu became the teachers that everyone envied and respected.

Second Uncle Lu was also successful in business.

After earning his first bucket of gold, he went home to build two magnificent villas for his eldest brother and him.

Then, he built a factory and became a big boss.

It was then that the Li family shamelessly went to them again.

How did Mrs.

Lu feel about that

They had refused her help when she desperately needed it.

She did not need them fussing over her after that.

During those years, Mrs.

Lu still maintained a polite appearance with her family.

No matter how rich the Lu family got, she still gave them gifts like the other ordinary people.

So, her two sisters-in-law often said that Mrs.

Lu was a stingy sister-in-law.


Lu knew about that, but she treated it as if she did not know.

She still maintained a neutral relationship with her family.

She did not even go home to her family during the New Year.

When the Lu family was poor, no one expected her to return home.

Later, she was not tempted to go back when they were rich either.

The Lu family and the Li family only resumed their relationship when Lu Yuqing got married.

According to the towns custom, when a girl got married, a maternal uncle had to escort her to her wedding.


Lu had no choice but to resume her relationship with her brother and sister-in-law.

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