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Chapter 1501: Guests At Home

“If you promise not to be angry, I wont talk nonsense anymore.

If youre still mad, then Ill bug you until youre not mad!” The child remained stubborn.

Then, he even smiled at Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao was so angry that her teeth hurt.

She had probably never seen such a difficult child.

“Lets go.

Ignore him.” Jiang Yao pulled Lu Xingzhi to hail a taxi and quickly got into it.

She hurriedly told the driver to drive.

Cheng Jinnian chased after them with his short legs.

After running for a few meters, the driver could not bear to see that.

He turned to look at the couple in the backseat and asked, “Are you so heartless to leave your son behind Arent you going to wait for him”

“Do I look like someone who would have such a son that age I am only 18 years old this year! Ive only been married for two days!” Jiang Yaos face had darkened.

“I dont even know him!”

Lu Xingzhi glanced at Jiang Yao.

Was she so angry that she had started to lie

He looked back and saw that Cheng Jinnian had stopped chasing them for a while.

Lu Xingzhi thought that the Cheng family would not let Cheng Jinnian wander around alone, so someone must have followed him.

Therefore, he was not too worried that Cheng Jinnian would be in any danger.

Furthermore, with Cheng Jinnians level of shrewdness, not many people would be able to get anything out of him.

Plus, that kid had a gun with him.

Since Cheng Jinnian had suddenly appeared, Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui no longer had the mood to have a good chat.

After calling Wen Xuehui in the taxi, Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi went straight to the airport and rushed back to their hometown.

They did not inform their families in advance when they went back to their hometown.

When they arrived at the airport, Lu Xingzhi chartered a car to drive them back to town.

It was evening when the two of them arrived home.

There were two strange bicycles at the door of their home.

Both were covered in rust.

It seemed like they were old bicycles.

“They are having guests”

Jiang Yao looked away from the two bicycles and then walked in with Lu Xingzhi.

There was a huge difference between people who had lived in the countryside for a long time and people who lived in the city—the former were used to speaking loudly.

Therefore, before Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi reached the door, they heard an unfamiliar voice mentioning Jiang Yaos name.

“Your daughter-in-laws name is Jiang Yao, right Everyone in the town knows that your daughter-in-law doesnt study properly.

Shes always going somewhere without telling anyone.

You said that shes not at school But shes alone in the city, so where can she go She must have run away with another man! How long has it been since youve been in contact Didnt she like that she and her teacher went to the countryside to help those people there But everyone knows that your daughter-in-law has lied to you!

“When I heard that your son was marrying such a girl, I felt a little unhappy about it.

Didnt I tell you that back then You must get a daughter-in-law whos honest and dutiful.

They can stay at home with the children and help with housework.

If you get a girl who wants to go to the university, it will cost you money.

She must be ambitious too; how can a small family like ours keep her Youre regretting your decision, right You didnt listen to me back then, so now your daughter-in-law has run away, and this has cost you a lot of money, right”

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