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Chapter 1500: Youre Angry

“Does it look like were back in ancient times now” Then, Jiang Yao looked at Cheng Jinnian and asked coldly, “Are you alone Wheres your brother”

“Do you have a brother” Cheng Jinnian asked curiously.

His face was almost the same as Jiang Yaos, and his innocent and curious expression made many people adore him.

“Wheres Cheng Jinyan” Jiang Yao asked differently.

“Mama, I dont know him.”

Cheng Jinnian smiled beautifully, his eyes curved.

Even though he was held back by Lu Xingzhi, he still reached out his tiny hand toward Jiang Yao and waved.

“Mama, lets hold hands.

Youre going home, right ”

“Keep pretending!”

Jiang Yao took out her phone and called Cheng Jinyan.

When she was abroad, Cheng Jinyan had sent her a text message and called her, so she had his number.

Unfortunately, he was on the line.

“Jiang Yao, is that boy really not your son Then why does he look so much like you And he keeps calling you mom” More and more people had gathered around her and asked.

Wen Xuehui thought for a moment and asked tentatively, “Is he your little brother”

Wen Xuehui realized that Jiang Yao had told her that she was the youngest child in the family and that she only had two older brothers who spoiled her very much.

Therefore, Wen Xuehui thought that that child should not be Jiang Yaos little brother.

Jiang Yao did deny it.

“Hes not my little brother!”

“If hes not your little brother, then hes your son.”

Cheng Jinnian suddenly said, “Mama.”

Then, the boy turned to look at Lu Xingzhi and curled his lips.

He did not call him father.

In just a few minutes, the news of Jiang Yaos having a five-year-old son spread like wildfire.

It was as if it had grown wings and flew into the ears of all the teachers and students in the school.

Cheng Jinnian had deliberately stuck with Jiang Yao.

Everyone believed he was her son because they looked alike, and Jiang Yao was unwilling to admit that he had a younger brother.

It was hard to explain.

When Lu Xingzhi realized that more people had arrived, he carried Cheng Jinnian on his shoulder and held Jiang Yaos hand as they left the school.

After that, Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao found an empty street before putting Cheng Jinnian down.

Jiang Yao was so angry that she almost shouted.

She asked, “Cheng Jinnian, what are you trying to do!”

“Are you angry because I bullied you before this” Cheng Jinnian asked.

He was wearing a white shirt and black suspenders, a pair of black leather shoes, and white socks.

He looked like a little gentleman.

He stood there and put his hands in his pockets like Lu Xingzhi.

Cheng Jinnian pouted.

“I just wanted to say Im sorry.

I didnt know you were my sister at that time! You look like me, and you look so much like my mother.

You refused to operate on my mother, so I bullied you.”


She would feel bad if she argued with a child, but why should an adult agree with a child

“Youre angry!” Cheng Jinnian did not believe Jiang Yaos answer at all.

When Lu Xingzhi heard that, he smirked.

He remembered that when he returned during the summer vacation, Jiang Yao was also struggling with whether she was angry with him.

He had answered Jiang Yao the same way, and Jiang Yao also doubted his answer.

As expected of siblings, their personalities were indeed similar in some aspects.

“I dont care whether you believe me or not.”

Jiang Yao looked like she could not be bothered with him.

“Im warning you—dont talk nonsense anymore!”

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