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Chapter 1476: Nothing Else

It was not that justice did not arrive; it had arrived late.

Jiang Yao listened to the radio host read out those words with righteous indignation, but her heart felt desolate.

Fortunately, later on, Zhou Weiqi brought her some good news.

After the first girl identified the criminals, more girls did the same.

After resting for a week with the medicine from the medical system, Jiang Yaos recovery speed surprised the doctors in the hospital.

Professor Ouyang explained that Jiang Yao was the Divine Doctors student, and the Divine Doctor had prescribed medicine for her, so she had managed to recover quickly.

However, those doctors were still more inclined to think that the Divine Doctor had nursed the student well, so the recovery was much faster.

After all, no matter how good the medicine was, it would be useless without any solid foundation.

After a week, Jiang Yao no longer needed Lu Xingzhis support after walking a few steps as she had the first few days or needed the wheelchair after walking too far.

She began to resume her exercise slowly.

After eating three meals a day, she could go for a walk with Lu Xingzhi at the playground.

Ever since that night, Jiang Yao had to read to Lu Xingzhi before she went to bed at night.

Lu Xingzhi would fall asleep to Jiang Yaos gentle voice every night.

Her voice was like a magical sleeping pill, and he usually slept through the night.

When he heard that Jiang Yao was preparing to perform a craniotomy on Xiao Zhang, Professor Ouyang was excited.

He ran to apply to be Jiang Yaos assistant.

He no longer had the dignity of a teacher.

Of course, his application was rejected by Jiang Yao.

If Jiang Yao did not use the equipment in the medical system, she would not have been able to perform that craniotomy at all.

If she only used the equipment in the hospital, she would not be able to complete that surgery accurately.

Otherwise, the other doctors would be able to do the same thing.

After all, there were many experts in that field.

The only thing that Jiang Yao had over them was the high-tech equipment in the medical system.

Jiang Yao went in to perform the surgery on Xiao Zhang.

Lu Xingzhi and the others were waiting outside the operating theater.

Xiao Zhangs family members were nervous outside the operating theater.

From time to time, they would ask the head nurse if he would wake up.

“The worst-case scenario is that he remains in a vegetative state.

So, regardless of whether or not the patient wakes up, please do not disrespect the doctor.

After all, Dr.

Jiang is a patient as well.

She performed that surgery because of her love for the patient and nothing else.” The head nurse reminded them worriedly.

She was afraid that those family members would blame Dr.

Jiang if the results were unsatisfactory.

The head nurse had worked in the hospital for many years.

She had seen the same kind of family members many times, so she thought she should say a few words.

As a woman, she also admired Dr.


Furthermore, Dr.

Jiangs husband was standing guard there.

If those patients showed even the slightest disrespect to Dr.

Jiang, who would be able to withstand his wrath

Would the hospital remain standing Everyone knew that Young Master Lu had a powerful background, and he doted on his wife.

In the past few days, the doctors and nurses did not even need to eat anything.

They were full when they saw the couples public display of affection.

They could see the couples daily interaction while they were staying in the hospital.

Most of them had even started to look for a partner.

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