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“Xingzhi, shall we hire someone to arrange Ah Zhus funeral” Jiang Yao was not short of money, so she could pay to arrange a funeral for Ah Zhu and a grave for him.

Jiang Yao hoped that Ah Zhu could be a good person in his next life.

Even though he was jealous that Jiang Yao treated Ah Zhu so well, Lu Xingzhi was not so narrow-minded that he would be jealous of a dead person.

It was just money, so Lu Xingzhi had no reason to stop her.

Lu Xingzhi found someone to make the necessary arrangements.

After everyone had left, Professor Ouyang followed Jiang Yao back to her ward.

He asked, “Why are you so good to that criminal”

Jiang Yao smiled and explained, “Im repaying him for taking care of me.”

“I heard that youre also part of that operation Jiang Yao, youve really surprised me time and time again.

I did not expect the Nanjiang Medical University to have such an amazing student like you.” Professor Ouyangs tone was a little proud when he said that.

“Go back and give them a speech.

Let them learn more from you.

Dont act like a college student all day, but dont do anything serious.”

“No, Professor Ouyang, youd better pretend that you didnt say that.” Lu Xingzhi immediately rejected the idea.

Professor Ouyang glared at Lu Xingzhi, then thought about the reason.

He touched the tip of his nose and did not insist on his idea.

After all, undercover work was very dangerous.

Furthermore, he heard that the criminals big boss had not been caught yet.

So, they should be more careful.

Professor Ouyang asked, “You need to take your time to recover from your illness.

You wont be able to go back to school for some time.

What are you going to do this semester Its already March.

It will be May after resting for two months.

After that, itll be exam month.

Im looking forward to seeing you fail! ”

At that point, Professor Ouyang was delighted.

“You havent returned to school for so long, so you probably havent heard about your final results from last semester, right”

At the mention of Jiang Yaos results, Professor Ouyang was gratified.

“I didnt mean to embarrass you.

Youre the best in your major.

The schools Bulletin Board for your commendation should have been posted half a month ago, right Its a pity that you did not go back to take a look.

What an honorable thing to do!”

“Im recovering well.

They should discharge me in ten or fourteen days.

After that, it will be quite slow.

I will return to school after all that is done.

I want to graduate early, so I want to ask the school if they can make an exception for me and let me participate in all the graduation exams early so that I can graduate with my seniors this year.

That was something that Jiang Yao had thought of after the new year, but she only had the time to bring it up then.

Professor Ouyang was a teacher at her university, so she told him about her places.

She also wanted Professor Ouyangs help in figuring out the universitys board members.

It was unprecedented for a new medical student, who had just entered the university for half a year, to graduate early..

Jiang Yao was worried that the university would not agree to that.

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