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Chapter 1447: Cant Keep Them

The woman looked a little worried.

She was afraid the police would not let her take her husbands body or chase her away.

She was only 30 years old, but she looked much older because of her hard work.

The police said, “The body cant be put on the plane or train, so you need to send it to the local funeral parlor to be cremated and then take the ashes back.

If you need help, can we contact the funeral parlor You can discuss it with them.”

The middle-aged woman thanked him profusely.

Then, she touched her pocket.

She was short of money and worried that she did not have enough and could not give her husband a decent funeral.

“Third Brother!” Zhou Weiqi stood at the door and was about to walk in, but the moment he smelled the disgusting stench inside, he immediately covered his nose and ran out.

Then, he waved at Lu Xingzhi from afar.

Lu Xingzhi heard the sound and looked at the door.

He ignored Zhou Weiqi.

Sergeant Ge did not look good when he died.

He died on the spot without any resuscitation effort.

His entire body still looked like the night he died.

Lu Xingzhi was a soldier, so he knew that he might die during a mission too.

As for Sergeant Ge, he had never once talked to him about how a soldier had to die to be worthy and honorable.

Death was inevitable.

It was either lighter than a feather or heavier than the mountain.

There was only one hypothesis that did not involve betrayal at that time—betrayal of the nation, the law, the army, and the betrayal of ones conscience.

Only that possibility did not cross Lu Xingzhis mind.

As he looked at the person who could no longer threaten Zhou Junmin or Jiang Yaos lives with a gun, Lu Xingzhi did not even know how to say his final farewell.

He hated the man.

Whenever he thought of him threatening Jiang Yao or Jiang Yaos plane crash, he wished he could tear the man into pieces!

If he were not Sergeant Ge, Lu Xingzhi would tear him into pieces!

“Young Master Lu, we still need to take the family members for a routine interrogation.” The police officers thought Lu Xingzhi would say something to the family members, but in the end, he just stood there and did not say anything.

His entire being was so gloomy that it made people want to retreat even more.

“Okay,” Lu Xingzhi said.

Finally, he turned around and left the morgue without saying goodbye.

When Zhou Weiqi saw that Lu Xingzhi had finally come out, he ran over eagerly and asked, “Third Brother, whats the situation inside”

His face was filled with curiosity.

If it were not for the stench, Zhou Weiqi would have run in to take a look.

Lu Xingzhi would not answer Zhou Weiqis question.

Liang Yueze also felt that it was quite normal for Lu Xingzhi to behave like that.

“Sergeant Ge has one house in the county he lived in.

However, two homes in the provincial Jindo City are under his wifes name.

There is also a bank account in his name, and there are 2000 bucks in it.

He opened the account last year.

That was just the surface.

In a short few months, Sergeant Ge had gone from having nothing to becoming a wealthy man with several houses.

Liang Yueze looked at Lu Xingzhi and said, “Those are only the surface.

Sergeant Ges wife and son wont be able to keep those.”

Liang Yueze believed that Lu Xingzhi understood what he was trying to say.

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