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Chapter 1444: Rush Back

Jiang Yao slept until noon, when Zhou Weiqi arrived with lunch.

When she saw no one beside her, she subconsciously reached out to touch the space.

It was already cold, which meant that Lu Xingzhi had left very early.

She did not know if he had slept or not.

“Jiang Yao, Lu Xingzhi had gone to work.

He left a note for you.” Zhou Weiqi pointed at the note beside Jiang Yaos pillow and gestured for Jiang Yao to read it.

Then, he placed the lunch on the small table, and his chatterbox mode was activated again.

“Lu Xingzhi instructed me to cook some noodle soup for you.

I made duck soup that had been stewed for several hours.

I put a lot of vegetables that you like in it and even fried an egg for you.

What do you want to eat tonight You can tell me.

Chef Zhou will cook them for you.”

Zhou Weiqis cooking skills were excellent.

Jiang Yao could smell the fragrant noodles just by sitting there.

She could not help but laugh.

“Your third brother is ordering you around again, Chef Zhou”

“I do it willingly.

I am here to serve my hero, Jiang Yao, and give my blessings to her.

My heart is filled with joy.” Zhou Weiqi, the sweet-talker.

As Jiang Yao listened to Zhou Weiqis joke, she picked up the note and looked at it.

It was Lu Xingzhis handwriting.

He told her that he had to go and settle some matters.

He would be back that night.

After reading the note, Jiang Yao folded it and put it away.

She looked up and was about to ask if Colonel Lin and the others had awakened when she saw Lu Xingzhi walking into the room.

“Youre back”

Jiang Yaos eyes lit up.

Lu Xingzhi acknowledged her and pushed Zhou Weiqi to the side.

He picked up the noodles from the insulated box and placed them in a bowl for Jiang Yao.

“Jiang Yao, its a little hot.

Be careful.” Zhou Weiqi, who was pushed aside, was not angry.

He just stood there and reminded Jiang Yao that the noodles were very hot.

The noodles were a little mushy because they were cooked and brought from the hotel.

Fortunately, the taste was not bad.

“Have you eaten” Jiang Yao placed her hands on the edge of the small table and held the edge of the bowl.

As soon as he entered, she smelled a faint smell of blood on his body.

After scanning, she found that he was not injured, so the smell of blood must have come from somewhere else.

“He probably hasnt eaten yet, so hes here to have lunch with you.”

Zhou Weiqi looked as if he had guessed everything.

“If hes not here, I think you wont eat lunch so obediently.”

After saying that, Zhou Weiqi received a cold stare from Lu Xingzhi, and then he ran away with a cheeky smile.

Zhou Weiqi knew that Lu Xingzhi would rush back to have lunch with Jiang Yao, so he brought a portion for him too.

Jiang Yao did not have a big appetite, so a bowl of noodles was more or less enough.

Lu Xingzhi picked out most of Jiang Yaos favorite vegetables and fried eggs and filled half the bowl.

Then, he took the rest and lowered his head to eat.

“If you are very busy, you dont have to come back to eat with me.

If you are free, you can sleep here when you come back at night.

You dont have to rush back either.

As long as you remember to eat three meals a day and rest, it will be fine.” Jiang Yao was afraid Lu Xingzhi would not take care of his health.

She was fine in the hospital.

She did not want to recover to have him collapse instead.

“Okay,” Lu Xingzhi answered briefly.

Since Jiang Yao had eaten more than half of the vegetables in her bowl, he scooped more for her.

“What do you want to eat tonight Tell Zhou Weiqi.

If I cant make it back in time for dinner, Ill come back to sleep here.”

He wanted her to recover the weight she had lost.

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