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Chapter 1430: Where Did The Gun Come From

However, Jiang Yao did not expect that Sergeant Ges emotions would be so frail.

It was just a few words, but Jiang Yao saw his hand pull the trigger, and he was about to shoot!



The gunshot and Moes attack happened almost at the same time.

Jiang Yao pulled the pilot down and threw the neurotoxin in her hand in the direction of Sergeant Ge.

Moes claw grabbed the back of Sergeant Ges head.

The pain caused Sergeant Ge to change the direction of the gun quickly.

He roared, “What the hell!”

Then, he fired two shots at the back.

Jiang Yao felt a gush of bloody heat in her palm.

It was blood.

“Comrade, are you okay”

Jiang Yao had already used her fastest reaction to press the pilots head down, but the pilot was still shot.

However, compared to being shot in the head, the situation was slightly better due to Jiang Yaos reaction.

Sergeant Ge lost his aim and hit the pilots shoulder.

The pilot was controlling the plane while enduring the pain in his arm.

However, Sergeant Ge fired two shots at the rear consecutively.

One of the shots penetrated the fuselage and fired a spiral clip.

Jiang Yao saw that Sergeant Ge was infected with the neurotoxin but had yet to show any reaction.

Her mood darkened.

There was only one situation where the neurotoxin would be slow to take effect.

That person must have taken some drugs within 24 hours!

Sergeant Ge must have inhaled it.

It turned out that a person could really change so much in a few short months.

Sergeant Ges emotions had already been stimulated to the peak.

He could not grasp the thing that scratched him and even wasted a few bullets in vain.

“Get down!”

Sergeant Ge was so angry that he wanted to throw the pilot down.

Before he could finish his words, a gun was pressed against his head.

It was Jiang Yao.

“Where did you get the gun”

Sergeant Ges eyes turned fierce, and then he looked at the pilot and said, “You gave it to her!”

When he got on the helicopter, he was so focused on running that he forgot the pilot was also a soldier, and he carried a gun when he went on missions!

“Sergeant Ge, youve really opened my eyes.”

Jiang Yao finally understood why Sergeant Ges temper was so bad-tempered when she saw him.

It was just a few words, but he could get into a dispute and a big fight.

He even wanted to shoot that person.

He was so tyrannical that it was as if his soul had changed.

If it were the previous Sergeant Ge, he would be able to hold back his emotions and not make a sound even if someone ridiculed him.

Furthermore, if he had been on the run, he would not have wasted his energy bickering and getting angry.

People who ate that kind of thing would become irritable, and Sergeant Ge must have been affected by that.

Moe did not dare grow bigger since the pilot was there, so he remained in his smaller size when he scratched Sergeant Ge.

If he had not been afraid of exposing Jiang Yao and causing endless trouble, he would have slapped that man unconscious.

Seeing that Jiang Yao had gained the upper hand, Moe leaned back on Jiang Yaos shoulder.

The space in the helicopter was too small, so there was not much room for Moe to do anything.

Otherwise, Moe would definitely flee after committing a murder instead of jumping up and down in the small cabin to dodge Sergeant Ges bullets.

The pilot had given his gun to Jiang Yao, but Sergeant Ge had a special weapon that could pierce through the fuselage and damage the propeller.

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