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Chapter 1426: Easy For You To Say

“For the sake of money, youve lost your conscience.

You dont care about the law anymore.

You left your wife and children in your hometown, right” Jiang Yao asked, “Do you dare tell your wife and stepson that youre a human trafficker Do you dare tell them that all the money you brought home for them was earned by other families children and wives Do you dare ”

No, he would not.

Even if Sergeant Ge felt that he was not wrong to use unscrupulous means to earn money, he still would not dare to let his wife and children know what he had done.

He knew that once they found out about it, they would hate him and even throw the things he bought into the trash can.

“Jiang Yao, youre married to Sergeant Lu, so you dont know how hard it is to live without money.

Would you still marry him if he did not have money Who said that money isnt all-powerful Sometimes, money has to be omnipotent.” Sergeant Ges gaze seemed far away in the direction of his hometown.

He wanted to become a rich man, hoping to give his wife and children a life without any worries.

He did not want to live another day where the family had no money, and then, because of the constant disputes over the daily necessities, their feelings for each other were exhausted.

He was afraid of encountering a marriage like that again.

Therefore, he had to work hard to maintain and manage his marriage so that they could be happy forever.

He felt that money could help him fulfill that wish and help him keep his marriage happy forever.

“Youre asking me” Jiang Yaos eyebrows jumped slightly.

“As long as he is Lu Xingzhi, whats the difference between having money and not having money As long as hes Lu Xingzhi, the current Lu Xingzhi, if he dares to marry me, then I will still marry him and continue to live with him for the rest of my life.

That is my answer.

Not all women think that money is the most important thing, and not all happiness is determined by wealth.”

Money was necessary, but it was not the most important thing in life.

It was good to have it, but one had to work hard to earn it if one did not have it.

People had to be ambitious, but there had to be a boundary to that ambition.

A gentleman might love money, and he had the right way to take it, but he should not be unscrupulous in abandoning his conscience.

“Thats easy for you to say.” Sergeant Ge laughed coldly.

He had said all he could, and Jiang Yao had also lost the patience to continue to dissuade him.

Sergeant Ge was stuck in a dead-end because of Sun Cuimei.

Lu Xingzhi had lost his patience and said, “The ship that was supposed to meet you at the dock has been blown up.

You have no way out.

If you have any conscience left, release Zhou Junmin and surrender.

Even if you threaten us with him, you wont be able to escape.

You have tortured him, and it doesnt look like hell stay alive.

You might have killed him, but when I catch you, I will still complete the mission.

“Sergeant, we have gone through life and death together.

No one knows how much you value your comrades better than me,” Sergeant Ge said.

“Zhou Junmin is still alive, but even if he is dead, I can still threaten you with him.”

Everyone in the Jin City Army said that Lu Xingzhi was the King of Hades.

However, his friends knew that the seemingly cold and ruthless Lu Xingzhi was a person who valued loyalty.

Even if Zhou Junmin were already dead, Lu Xingzhi would definitely compromise to retrieve his body.

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