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Chapter 1416: Location Results

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That function was initially set up to track the patients condition, but Jiang Yao used it to find people.

Jiang Yao was a little annoyed at that time.

If she had known earlier, she would have broken Zhou Junmins leg before setting off and used the system to treat it.

That way, she would be able to find Zhou Junmins location.

“Yes, Master!” the system butler answered her.

A few seconds later, he reported a number.

It was the exact latitude and longitude.

Then, he said, “The two people, Sergeant Ge and Colonel Lin, are together.”

When Jiang Yao exited the medical system, she conveniently took a lot of medicine from the system and put them into a bag.

After leaving behind a stack of cash, Jiang Yao picked up the bag and quickly ran back to the meeting place as if she did not know how heavy it was.


Liang and the others were waiting for Jiang Yao.

When they saw her, they shouted at her and told her to get on the plane.

As soon as Jiang Yao got on the plane, someone helped her with the things in her hands.


Liang turned around and handed Jiang Yao a gun and some bullets, saying, “Just in case.”

Jiang Yao nodded and took it.

Her gun did not have many bullets left.

She needed a military pistol to defend herself!

“Where do that longitude and latitude indicate” Jiang Yao asked as she took the gun and hid it.

Then, she reported the longitude and latitude that the system Butler had given her.

“Its the destination were going to now, Peng Hu Town,” the pilot answered Jiang Yao.

“Uncle Liang, I can now confirm that Mr.

G is Sergeant Ge!”

Jiang Yaos expression had never been so serious.

Lu Xingzhi had always thought highly of Sergeant Ge.

When Sergeant Ge had no choice but to leave the army, Lu Xingzhis mood had been gloomy for a long time.

If Lu Xingzhi went to Peng Hu Town and saw Sergeant Ge, and Sergeant Ge found out that Lu Xingzhi did not know his identity, would Sergeant Ge make a move on Lu Xingzhi

Furthermore, when Lu Xingzhi saw Sergeant Ge appear in Peng Hu Town, he might have guessed that Sergeant Ge was Mr.


Then, how bad would Lu Xingzhis mood be

The man had once been a subordinate that he valued.

After he was discharged from the army, he did not forget to help him out.

However, he discovered that the person had become a criminal.

That would be a heavy blow to Lu Xingzhi, right

Jiang Yao could confirm that Mr.

G was Sergeant Ge.

The helicopters propeller was quite loud.

After hearing Jiang Yaos words, Mr.

Liang was no longer in the mood to speak.

He had already been mentally prepared since the moment he sent people to Peng Hu Town.

Peng Hu Town was not far from Shu City.

The helicopter entered Peng Hu Towns territory in half an hour and then stopped directly in front of the local town government.

When the military helicopter entered Peng Hu Town, the local civil servants already knew about it.

When the helicopter landed, a group of people came down quickly to surround it.

Then, they recognized Mr.

Liang as the most prominent military officer among them.


Liang jumped down from the helicopter first, turned around, and helped Jiang Yao carry the things with one hand and held Jiang Yao with the other.

Then, he turned around and saw a group of people surrounding him.

His face darkened, and he shouted at them, “Get lost!”

The people were obviously frightened and hurriedly retreated a few meters backward.

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