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Chapter 1408: Closing The Operation 2

After handing over Ah Zhu, Jiang Yao went to the temporary Operation Command Center in Shu City.

It was set up in the Shu City government office.

Jiang Yao did not expect Mr.

Liang to be there.

After entering, she was shocked when she saw the person sitting at the head of the table making a call.


Liang had been in the vicinity of Shu City a few days ago.

It was an emergency operation at night.

After Shu City and Xiang City closed the operation, he took a helicopter to Shu City.

Compared to Xiang City, Shu City was like rotten wood that termites had gnawed on for many years.

Therefore, Mr.

Liang brought his troops to oversee the operation at night.

He saw Jiang Yao when she came in, but he was giving orders, so he did not greet her immediately.

When he finished dealing with the matter at hand, it was already more than ten minutes later.

He waved at Jiang Yao.

“Lets go.” Mr.

Liang called out to Jiang Yao, letting her follow him.

As they walked, he lowered his head to ask Jiang Yao about the situation.

When he heard Jiang Yao say that she was not injured, he grunted, “Its good that youre not injured.

If you were injured, Lu Xingzhi would probably overturn Shu City.

Hes a vengeful guy.

As soon as he said to close the operation, he wanted to capture Wen Yunfang and Sister Wen from across the city.”


Liang brought Jiang Yao to a temporary detention facility, an office on the roof of the office building.

Two armed soldiers were guarding the door.

Jiang Yao followed Mr.

Liang into the room and saw that Wen Yunfang and Sister Wen were locked inside.

The two of them were handcuffed.

In the room, there were still armed soldiers standing there staring at them.

“Gu Junhui!” Wen Yunfang heard the door opening and raised her eyes to look at the door.

She was not a fool.

Of course, she knew what would happen if she fell into the hands of the military.

There was no chance for her to escape.

Wen Yunfang knew that she and her mother would definitely die.

Raising her eyes to look at the person who walked in was purely a subconscious action.

She was not curious about the person at all.

However, she was shocked to see a familiar person followed by a middle-aged man in a military uniform.

She heard the soldier beside her call that soldier the Chief.

It was apparent that the soldier had a higher status.

“Having you to accompany me when I die is really satisfying.” The more Wen Yunfang thought about it, the happier she became.

“Why did your Brother Changshu abandon you Did he abandon you by yourself Ive told you long ago that no man in this world truly values you more than his life.

His words are usually so pleasant to hear, but at the end of the day, didnt he abandon you and run away”

Wen Yunfang chuckled and laughed mockingly.

“Gu Changshu ran away with Brother Jing, didnt he He ran away, and he didnt even think of taking you with him.

To think that you wouldnt leave him! What a joke!”

Wen Yunfang already knew that Ah Zhu and Gu Changshu were Brother Jings men.

She and her mother had been acting as Brother Jings guns those few days, as Brother Jing took over Brother Dings business.

Brother Jing was afraid that the higher-ups would blame his people for internal strife, so he used the mother and daughters hands to turn Shu City upside down.

That way, Brother Jing could rightfully take over Shu City under the guise of dealing with his subordinates.

When Ah Zhu stepped forward to take over Brother Dings business, Brother Jings job was to kill those rebels.

He would teach the mother and daughter duo a lesson to teach those ready to stir trouble.

Then, he would explain to the higher-ups.

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