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Chapter 1403: Borrowing A Cell Phone

Then Ah Zhu dialed the phone once more.

He gave it a quick glance before placing his cell phone to his ear.

Coincidentally, the car collided with something and shook violently.

Ah Zhus cell phone dropped from the car window.

Since the car was so fast, the cell phone was quickly left in the dust.

“I am sorry, Sister.

I dropped your phone because I could not hold it properly.

I will replace it with a new one tomorrow.” Ah Zhu appeared irritated.

“It is fine at first if my leg isnt working, but at the critical moment, even my hand is not working.

“It is all right.

Brother Ding gave that phone to me.” Even though Jiang Yao said she was fine, her heart was slowly sinking.

Ah Zhu had just taken her phone and was going through her text messages and phone records.

Fortunately, she had deleted the phone records shortly after calling Captain Hao.

Jiang Yao had intended to retreat alone, but she had not expected Ah Zhu to give her no time at all.

Even if she had a chance to leave the Ding residence before that, she did not expect Ah Zhu to bring Ding Xiaomei with them.

Jiang Yao had just finished explaining when Ah Zhus phone rang.

Jiang Yaos scalp began to tingle.

Was Ah Zhu suspicious of her

“Oh, look! So I have a phone! Take a look at this! I was in such a hurry that I lost my memory! You did not lose your phone for nothing, girl!”

In frustration, Ah Zhu patted his head and quickly picked up the phone.

Jiang Yao heard Ah Zhus subordinates voice on the phone, who informed him that people were pursuing him.

“How many people are there” Ah Zhu inquired.

“A full car,” the person on the phone replied.

“But we have not exchanged fire yet, so we are not sure what the situation is.”

“You should keep an eye on it.”

After saying that, Ah Zhu hung up and requested that the driver stop the car.

“Take Ding Xiaomei and continue on this road until you find Brother Jing!”

Ah Zhu opened the cars back door and allowed Jiang Yao to exit the vehicle.

He drew Jiang Yao toward the small road without waiting for the car to leave.

The figures of Ah Zhu and Jiang Yao faded into the night.

The car at the intersection had already driven far away.

Jiang Yao had no idea what had happened.

Another car was actually waiting on the side road.

Surprisingly, the three people waiting in the car were armed.

Ah Zhu remained silent.

He pushed Jiang Yao into the cars back seat and had one of his subordinates sit beside him.

The other sat in the front seat while he sat at the wheel.

Ah Zhu could drive.

Ah Zhu, who had a crippled leg, knew how to drive.

Even though he had never driven before, he could drive pretty well.

Jiang Yao sat there without saying anything.

She was quiet.

No one in the car was in the mood to talk.

Ah Zhu took a detour through the back roads.

He knew Shu City as well as the chessboard in his palm.

He could recall every move on the chessboard.

Everyone stayed away from Ah Zhu.

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi, as well as Brother Ding and Brother Jing, were among them.

Jiang Yao confirmed that Ah Zhu had not arranged for any more subordinates to follow them until Ah Zhu drove out of the urban area and into some kind of muddy village road.

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