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Chapter 1400: Forced To Go Offline

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Wen Yunfang did not return to her home after leaving the hotel.

She never returned to the hospital.

Instead, she went straight to Brother Jing.

In her rage, Wen Yunfang did not consult with her mother, Sister Wen, before revealing Gu Changshus identity.

She had a persona that she could not shake, and Gu Junhui was well aware of it.

Just as Jiang Yao was talking to Ding Xiaomei in the room, Lu Xingzhi called her and told her that he had been forced to go offline by Brother Jing.

“When did Yunfang reveal your identity What does Brother Jing intend to do with you” Jiang Yao snorted.

“Sister Wen and Wen Yunfang must have been forced into a stupor recently, right”

Jiang Yao grinned.

“I would never force you to marry me if I were Wen Yunfang.

I would only force you to assist me in doing what you are capable of.”

How could marriage possibly be the most dependable relationship People had different dreams while sleeping in the same bed all the time.

Not all couples who met because of their feelings had a happy ending, let alone those who met because of their interests in the first place.

After putting all her eggs in one basket, Sister Wen had lost her rationality.

She suspected Brother Jing was taking advantage of them, so she clung to Gu Changshu, who could be her lifeline.

Perhaps she hoped that Brother Jing would not kill them after he had used them.

Jiang Yao surmised that Wen Yunfang and her mother were remorseful for betraying Brother Ding.

If they had not betrayed Brother Ding, they would not be walking on thin ice like they were.

“Brother Jing asked me to leave Shu City temporarily and pretend to have been dealt with by him,” Lu Xingzhi said solemnly.

“Yaoyao, if I leave Shu City, you will be the only person left.”

Even though Brother Jing had arranged for Lu Xingzhi to leave Shu City, he considered it a minor task.

Lu Xingzhi had mentioned bringing his wife to that city, but Ah Zhu and Brother Jing had denied it.

They claimed that if he died, Gu Junhui would flee Shu City immediately.

Sister Wen would probably guess that Ah Zhu was also Brother Jings man if that was the case.

After all, if Gu Changshu died under normal circumstances, Ah Zhu should have taken better care of Gu Changshus wife.

Why would Ah Zhu allow Gu Junhui to leave Shu City at that particular time

Not all of Ah Zhus men were willing to submit to Ah Zhu; the fact that Ah Zhu was Brother Jings man remained a secret.

Thus, Gu Changshu had to disappear from Shu City, but Gu Changshus wife had to remain in Shu City.

Brother Jing and Ah Zhu had promised to protect Gu Junhui, so Lu Xingzhi could not take Jiang Yao away.

Otherwise, Brother Jing and Ah Zhu would conclude that Gu Changshu did not believe in them.

That was the worst-case scenario for Lu Xingzhi—only Jiang Yao and her informant would remain in Shu City after he left.

“Ouyang will come to Shu City to help you,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“He is the only one who has a reason to be by your side.”

A pursuer from Xiang City was an instrumental identity to have.

“I left Big Ke and Ah Lu in Shu City, but they could not get close to the Ding residence and had to stand guard outside.”

The worry that occupied Lu Xingzhis heart at the time was difficult to express in words.

He assumed that if Wen Yunfang revealed his identity, he would be forced to go offline temporarily to hide..

He did not expect Brother Jing to make other plans for him.

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