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Chapter 1399: Why Do You Envy Him

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He alone is sufficient for the country and the people.

His wife should not be kept in such a dangerous environment at all times.

He could not bear the thought of her going to such lengths to disguise herself as someone else and staying in that hotel every day to wait in boredom.

Ah Zhu waited outside for about five minutes before returning inside.

When he saw the two people hugging, he laughed and said, “Changshu, you have a lot on your plate right now with Brother Jing.

Go back.

I will return Junhui to the Ding residence.

She will now reside at the Ding residence.

Right now, the Ding Residence is the safest place.”

Jiang Yao agreed as Lu Xingzhi was about to open his mouth to reject Ah Zhu.


Lu Xingzhis grip on Jiang Yao tightened after she responded.

Even without looking up, she could see the contempt in his eyes.

Jiang Yao intuitively understood the source of Lu Xingzhis rage.

Returning to the Ding residence at the time was akin to a sheep entering a tigers den.

Was there not a better saying There could be no tiger without first entering a tigers den.

Ah Zhu had been following Brother Jing for a long time.

He might be able to provide her with more helpful information.

There has not been much information about Ah Da up until then.

There was also that enigmatic figure who appeared out of nowhere.

Jiang Yao reasoned that if there was truly an accident, leaving through the secret passage should be sufficient to ensure her safety.

Even Ah Zhu was unaware of the secret passage.

Brother Ding had left an escape route for himself.

When Lu Xingzhi parted ways with Jiang Yao at the hotel, his eyes were filled with the desire to hide Jiang Yao.

Ah Zhu kept looking back, then grinned and teased the girl sitting quietly beside him.

“Take a look at your Brother Changshus hesitance.”

Ah Zhu grinned.

“I really envy him at times.”

“What makes you envious of him” Jiang Yao inquired.

Ah Zhu did not respond.

He said, “Remember to keep your door open for Brother Changshu.

I am sure he will return to see you no matter how busy he is.”

“Can he go back to the Ding residence”

Ah Zhu gave her a casual smile.

“Do not be concerned.

Soon, the two of you will be able to enter and exit the building together.”

Jiang Yao smiled shyly as she lowered her head.

She did not say anything the whole time.

Ah Zhu assumed she was scared and did not bother her.

Ah Zhu sent her to the Ding residence before he left.

He appeared to be very busy.

Jiang Yao returned to her room and left for a short period.

The majority of the staff were replaced.

Ah Zhu also changed the servants and cleaning staff.

Ding Xiaomei was still residing in the main building.

Even though she was Brother Dings daughter, she was treated very well in the house.

After all, Ah Zhu was fighting against Sister Wen to protect Brother Dings property.

As a result, he remained polite to Ding Xiaomei.

Many of the white clothes in the house had not been removed because the funeral had just taken place.

There was a chill in the air as she stood on the balcony and surveyed the entire Ding residence.

Jiang Yao had just finished putting things away when Ding Xiaomei arrived to look for her.

Although Ding Xiaomei was well-treated in the residence, Ah Zhu had been looking for someone to keep an eye on her; he had not allowed her to leave the Ding residence.

Ah Zhu kept Ding Xiaomei there to create a cover so that Brother Dings loyal subordinates did not suspect he had plans to steal Brother Dings properties.

Then there was Wen Yunfang, who had fled the hotel in a shambles..

Although she had dodged most of the attacks when the two sides fought at the door, her arm was still scratched by a bullet because she had dodged too late.

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