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Chapter 1387: Do You Think Im Stupid

She would never be able to do anything to Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Yuqing was right.

Lu Xingzhi had already completely influenced her after a few attempts.

That guy was trying to remind her of what she had promised him, not giving her any chance to go back on her words.

It was only giving birth, right She had never thought of going back on her words.

Was there a need for him to remind her so often

He was like a fox!

Jiang Yao and Ah Zhu had just returned to Shu City, and Sister Wen had also returned to Shu City.

However, they did not return to the Ding residence.

Sister Wen pulled a few strings and found Brother Jing.

When Jiang Yao woke up from her nap and pulled the curtains open, she saw Sister Wen and a man entering the opposite hotel.

Jiang Yao stood behind the curtains and thought,What will Sister Wen do when she sees Brother Jing Will she reveal that Gu Changshu is Brother Dings man

Of course, Jiang Yao was also quite curious about how Brother Ding managed to place Gu Changshu by Brother Jings side in such a short time.

Those in power always had endless methods.

The higher one stood, the more one had to be on guard day and night.

After Sister Wen entered the hotel, Jiang Yao moved a chair to the window and sat down.

Then, she sent a message to Lu Xingzhi, informing him that Sister Wen had already gone upstairs.

Lu Xingzhi replied very quickly.

It was only a short message.

[Be good, be obedient, sleep.

You dont have to worry about my matters.]

‘Rest Ill sleep on your head!

Jiang Yao cursed in her heart.

The distance between the two hotels was within two kilometers, so Jiang Yao could easily see the situation on the other side.

Jiang Yao saw a fat man in his 40s in the room next to Lu Xingzhi.

That was Brother Jing.

There was only a blurry photo in the information packet, which showed that Brother Jing was really secretive.

Sister Wen was already standing in front of Brother Jing.

Jiang Yao observed the situation.

She thought Sister Wen would reveal Gu Changshus identity as a gift to Brother Jing, but strangely, she did not see Gu Changshu.

She did not even ask him any question, nor did she mention Gu Changshu.

Sister Wen probably did not know that Lu Xingzhi had already gone to Brother Jing, so she did not find it strange that she did not see him.

She might even feel relieved.

Sister Wen was probably hoping that news of her return to Shu City would not reach Brother Ding so quickly.

By that time, Wen Yunfang should have already left the villa and gone into hiding.

The servant sent by Brother Ding should have noticed something was wrong by the end of the night, plus that train ticket.

Brother Ding must have thought that one of them had returned to Shu City and the other had gone to Tingzhou City.

Of course, that was also Jiang Yaos guess.

She was not the one keeping an eye on Brother Ding, so she did not know about the situation at that moment.

After Sister Wen found Brother Jing, she told him that Brother Ding wanted to bring Brother Jing down and replace him.

She even told him about Brother Dings previous arrangements.

Even from so far away, Jiang Yao could hear the nervousness and tremble in Sister Wens voice.

She was putting all her eggs in one basket.

She could not rely on Brother Ding, so she could only look for Brother Jing.

After hearing Sister Wens words, Brother Jing did not seem angry at all.

Instead, he smiled amiably and said, “Our boss doesnt like his subordinates to kill each other.

Brother Ding hasnt done anything to me.

How do I know if what you said is true or not What if you hold a grudge against Brother Ding because of your personal matters and deliberately come to me to help you deal with Brother Ding If I did that, youd end up well, and Id be scolded by the boss instead.

Do you think Im stupid”

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