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Chapter 1383: Youve Worked Hard

After Wen Yunfang left, Jiang Yao knew that her chance had come.

The two servants were outside.

She did not dare sneak into Wen Yunfangs room from the main door, so she climbed in from the balcony with her meager skills.

Then, she put the train ticket to Tingzhou under Wen Yunfangs pillow.

When Jiang Yao returned to her room, the servant sent by Brother Ding pretended to clean Wen Yunfangs room and entered the room while the other servant was washing vegetables in the kitchen.

The servant lied when she said that she wanted to clean Wen Yunfangs room; she wanted to search for the room.

After entering the door, she began to rummage through the drawers, dressing table, and then the bed.

Naturally, she reached under the pillow.

Then, she found the train ticket that Jiang Yao had put there.

The servant was literate.

As soon as she saw that the train ticket was for Tingzhou City, she immediately called Brother Ding to inform him that she had found a train ticket to Tingzhou City under Wen Yunfangs pillow.

Jiang Yao listened to the servants call.

When she saw that the servant had returned the train ticket to its original position and left, Jiang Yao retrieved it and burned it in her room to destroy the evidence.

Wen Yunfang went out for more than an hour before she returned.

When Sister Wen entered the room, she looked exhausted.

Wen Yunfangs expression was also unprecedentedly solemn.

It was likely that the mothers and daughter duo had talked a lot on the way; they spoke of the situation of the two of them.

Since Sister Wen was back, Moe returned as well.

Jiang Yao went downstairs to greet Sister Wen.

When she returned to her room, she saw Moe sprawled on her bed.

“Youve worked hard.” Jiang Yao walked over and rubbed Moes stomach.

“When the mission is over, Ill buy you a lot of delicious food.”

Moe enjoyed Jiang Yaos massage and meowed a few times comfortably.

Then, he turned around and sat up, looking at Jiang Yao.

“Sister Wen and Wen Yunfang may really be betraying Brother Ding.”

“Good news!” Jiang Yao asked, “What did the two of them say on the way back”

“According to the old woman and the b*tch, Brother Ding no longer trusts them.

Theyre going to find a way out.

The old woman said that she had received news that Brother Jing would be in Shu City tomorrow, so she would return to Shu City to look for Brother Jing.” Moe rubbed his chin with his two paws.

Moes thoughtful look amused Jiang Yao.

“Im afraid that she wont do anything.” Jiang Yao smiled.

“Just you wait.

Brother Ding will definitely send people to pay close attention to those two.”

Brother Ding would probably know when Sister Wen arrived in Shu City.

If Sister Wen returned to Shu City and did not look for Brother Ding, then that would confirm her betrayal.

Jiang Yao began to look forward to the next day.

As long as Brother Ding was caught first, she would be able to interrogate him and get some information out of him.

Then, she would be able to peel off layers of his activities.

That mission should be completed very quickly.

If she had not joined that mission, Jiang Yao might never have seen such a dark side of society.

She did not know much about that in the past.

She had been very naive about it.

Her life in the past was too simple.

The hardest thing for her was a competition for a position in a hospital.

Later, she lived an extremely simple life in a small place.

Everyone there was very friendly.

She treated the doctors and Wen Xuehui with great respect.

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