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Chapter 1377: Cant Find The Child

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“After I show the train ticket to the servant, Ill destroy the evidence.

Who would suspect me If Brother Ding questions Wen Yunfang, she would only deny it.

If Wen Yunfang denied it, then Brother Ding would suspect Wen Yunfang and Sister Wen even more.” Jiang Yao smiled as she waved the train ticket in her hand.

“So, what can I do in the middle of that Wen Yunfang would think that the servant was lying to frame her and Sister Wen deliberately.

Most importantly, how could he question Wen Yunfang when he knew about the train ticket Brother Ding would only keep that matter in his heart and try to figure it out for himself.

Ouyang deliberately went to find her during mealtime to have a proper meal with the woman, who did not want to meet him.

Finally, Ouyang brought her to the southern restaurant he had mentioned before.

He ordered a table full of southern specialties and smiled as he watched the woman opposite him taste the dishes with great interest.

“I knew you would like these dishes.”

Ouyang was relieved.

“I was afraid that I would make a fool of myself on the way here, but Im relieved to see you like this.”

Jiang Yao saw that the dishes on the table were delicious, indeed.

When she was full the last time, Lu Xingzhi had made her a bowl of noodles.

While she was in Xiang City, Jiang Yao felt full every day.

She even felt like she had lost a bit of weight in the past few days.

When Lu Xingzhi saw it, his heart would ache again.

Sometimes, Jiang Yao hated her fussy mouth.

She really could not train it to eat anything no matter how hard she tried.

Furthermore, during her time with Lu Xingzhi, the man would compromise with her taste every day.

He gave her what she wanted to eat according to her appetite.

The more he did that, the fussier she became.

As a result, when she was at Xiang City, she did not find any food that suited her palate, and she had lost a lot of weight over the past few days.

Well, it was the same anyway.

She was never plump, to begin with, so her weight loss had been pronounced.

It was rare for her to go out for a meal.

Jiang Yao could only fill her stomach quickly and strive to eat as much meat as she could.

However, when she heard Ouyangs words, she could not help but tease him.

“If it were just my husband and me for a meal, I would eat more.”

Ouyangs expression stiffened.

Jiang Yao lowered her head and continued to eat, and Ouyang felt as if an arrow had pierced through his heart.

He had to admit that Lady Lu always knew where to press his buttons.

However, Ouyang felt that it was quite interesting.

“From now on, I will bring you food every day.”

Ouyang curled his lips into a smile.

“I will even cook for you.”

Jiang Yao thought that Ouyang was joking, so she asked about his progress in finding the child.

“Its been so many days.

Is there any news”

Ouyang nodded.


That child was sold to a family.

That family later thought that the child was quite old, and no matter how much they beat and scolded him, he refused to call them parents, so they sold the child to another family.

The child kept thinking about finding his sister.

When he was seven or eight, his family also abducted other children, so he hated his adoptive parents.

The family was afraid that they would raise an enemy, so they sold the child again.

The child ran away from the third family before he disappeared.”

Jiang Yao paused..

“So, you cant find the child.”

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