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Chapter 1340: Inconvenience

One could say that Ah Zhu was looking for a capable assistant for Brother Ding, but in fact, he was looking for someone he could use.

He completely controlled Brother Dings information from his superiors.

Ah Zhu would not dare to instigate a rebellion, so he could only look for people who had just joined and been recruited by Brother Ding.

He knew that one could not judge a book by its cover, and the sea was not measured by its volume.

Ah Zhu was disabled and looked down upon by many people.

Perhaps only Brother Ding thought that he could be useful.

However, Ah Zhus ambition could almost engulf the entire city.

Ah Zhus matter reminded Jiang Yao not to underestimate anyone.

Therefore, she had to be careful when dealing with Ah Zhu as well as Wen Yunfang.

“Oh, right! Wen Yunfang told me that we are leaving Shu City the day after tomorrow.” Once Jiang Yao mentioned that matter, she was so angry that she hit Lu Xingzhi.

“Its all your fault!”

Lu Xingzhi chuckled and lowered his head to kiss her neck.

“Go with her.

No matter who she finds for you, you are not allowed to take a second look.”

He was still holding a grudge!

Jiang Yao pushed Lu Xingzhi.

“Hurry up and take a shower.

You smell like alcohol.”

Clearly, Lu Xingzhi did not want to take a shower.

He was thinking about something else.

He moved his body, but he did not stand up.

Instead, he changed the position of the person beneath him and hugged her.

Then, he pressed his entire body against hers.

They got even closer.

There was not even a millimeter of space between their bodies.

His chest could feel her softness pressing against him.

Their hearts were against each other at zero distance, and they could hear each others heartbeats.

His lips moved from her neck, landing on her pearl-like earlobe; he was sucking and kissing her gently.

That was her sensitive spot.

Feeling that the body of the person beneath him had become much softer, Lu Xingzhis heart was burning with anxiety.


Lu Xingzhi did not finish his sentence, using his actions to explain what he had not said.

Jiang Yao only snapped back to her senses when the cold wind blew.

Lu Xingzhi had already untied the clothes on her body, and they were still on the ground.

“No, no…”

Jiang Yao pushed Lu Xingzhi, who was on her when she snapped back to her senses.

“What if at that time—”

“I wont.”

Lu Xingzhi took something out of his pocket and handed it to Jiang Yao.

Then, he whispered in her ear, “Can you help me put it on later”

Jiang Yao looked at the thing that he stuffed into her palm.

Her face burned.

“How do you have it”

Lu Xingzhi had not touched her because he did not have it.

They had not done it since they left their home at the army barracks.

They did not have any protection on them.

They knew that it was not the time to get pregnant.

“I bought it when I went out in the afternoon.”

Lu Xingzhi did not give Jiang Yao a chance to speak.

In the next second, he sealed her lips.

He was as tense as if he were looking for spring in the desert.


Jiang Yao thought to herself.

‘That guy is using the excuse of going out to buy cigarettes to buy that thing She was perplexed about how that guy could have been so tense in the days following their abstinence.

The embarrassing noises in the room could be heard through the door.

The servant stood outside the door with a cup of honey water.

She wanted to knock, but she heard movement from inside the room.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she turned around and went to the room next door.


Ah Zhu, the honey water you asked for,” the servant said.

Ah Zhu opened the door and came out to receive it.

He saw that the servant still had a cup in her hand, so he asked, “Didnt I tell you to send it to Gu Changshus room”

The servant pointed to the room next door hesitantly.

“It may be inconvenient for Mr.

Changshu and his wife to come out now…”


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