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Chapter 1336: A Hostage

“Of course.” Brother Dings expression changed for the better.

He thought that the best way to persuade Gu Changshu, who had his heart set on a woman, was to have that woman convince him.

Then, the four of them drank another two cups of tea before leaving.

After Brother Ding left the teahouse, he asked someone to get Wen Yunfang to the study room.

Wen Yunfang had been waiting for a long time.

When Brother Ding finally called for her, she could not wait to ask when she entered the study room.

“How did it go, Godfather Did Gu Changshu promise to let me take Gu Junhui away ”

“Put away your smug face.”

Brother Ding knocked on the table and warned her.

“He did agree, but let me be blunt.

Dont blame me for not acknowledging you if you ruin my plan.”

“What can I do to Gu Junhui, Godfather”

Wen Yunfang acted coquettishly.

“Dont I need a partner Besides, Im looking after Gu Junhui for you.”

“Others may not know about your narrow-mindedness, but Ive been there while you grow up.”

Brother Ding said, “The things you did with your mother may be hidden from others, but it cant be hidden from Ah Zhu and me.

We know very well what you did to Gu Junhui.

Im warning you, if you continue to be so disobedient after leaving Shu City, dont call me Godfather in the future.”

“What can I do to her”

Wen Yunfang almost turned hostile, but she finally realized that the person beside her was not her subordinate but Brother Ding.

“I have already told Gu Changshu that Gu Junhui will tag along with you.

You will protect Gu Junhui.

If anything happens to Gu Junhui, then it will be your responsibility.

I currently need talented people on my list.

Changshu is a bold person.

He is aggressive and ruthless.

Gu Junhui is his heart and soul, so you have to treat her well!” Brother Ding said.

In the end, Wen Yunfang could not hold back her temper.

She grunted unhappily and left after slamming the door.

Ah Zhu was not in a hurry to leave the house.

Instead, he followed Gu Changshu and Gu Junhui to their room.

He closed the door and spoke softly to the two of them.

“Young Miss is not as friendly as she appears, especially now that shes acting like youve stolen Gu Changshu.

So, Junhui, you have to be wary of her.

Even though we have made a promise, she has many tricks up her sleeve.

Those promises are not useful at all.

If something happens, she will have many excuses to shirk her responsibility.

My original intention was to let you stay in the house for some time and not go anywhere.

Young Miss must have said something to Brother Ding later that convinced him to do that.

Brother Ding is a very suspicious man.

He wants Junhui as a hostage so that Changshu will not betray him.”

After a pause, Ah Zhu said worriedly, “After you leave with her, no matter what she says, dont taint yourself with the things that she does.

Junhui, since you called me brother, Ill tell you honestly.

The things that we do are mostly illegal.

Changshu wants to protect you.

If he doesnt want you to touch him, then dont touch him.

When youre with her, just act like a noblewoman from ancient times.

Just eat, drink, and have fun.

Dont ask about anything else, dont look, and dont be curious.”

“I know, Brother Ah Zhu.”

Jiang Yao was really very grateful for Ah Zhu.

Although he did not need to tell her that, he did.

He said those words for her sake.

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