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Chapter 1320: Are You Stupid

Xie Qiuran did not have anyone.

She had not returned to Ping City even after being released from prison for so many years.

She was alone, and she would have died a long time ago!

She must have hated her so much when she was in prison.

If she had been released from prison, she would have returned to Ping City to seek revenge if she were still alive.

She would not have disappeared without a trace for so many years.

Maybe not!

Maybe Xie Qiuran had already died overseas, and perhaps her bones had turned to dust.

“Xie Qiuxiang, are you stupid” Lu Xingzhi sneered.

“She gave you a chance, and you did not take it.

Do you think you can continue to be a fake Xie Qiuran and get away with it”

Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

It was impossible.

Jiang Yaos appearance would get the Cheng family to start an investigation.

Once Madam Cheng found out that Mrs.

Sun had tortured Jiang Yao, she would not let Mrs.

Sun off that easily, let alone the overprotective Master Cheng.

Once Madam Chengs health improved and the Cheng family returned to the country, Mrs.

Sun would not even have the chance to answer Jiang Yaos question.

“Xie Qiuxiang, Ill give you one night to think about it.

Give me an answer tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, when I leave, you wont have the chance to beg me even if you wanted to.” Jiang Yao took Lu Xingzhis hand.

Then, she left the hospital with Lu Xingzhi in large strides.

The choice that Jiang Yao gave Mrs.

Sun was undoubtedly the greatest torment for Mrs.


She admitted that she was the only person in the world who could save Sun Xiaoshan, but she wanted Mrs.

Sun to turn herself in exchange.

Jiang Yao was looking forward to how far Mrs.

Sun would go for her daughter.

She did say that she would do anything for her.


Sun had committed serious crimes.

First, she killed her ex-husband, and then she asked someone to take her place in prison.

Even though Jiang Yao did not ask Madam Cheng what had happened, she could feel it.

Madam Cheng would not have voluntarily taken Mrs.

Suns place in prison.


Xie and Mrs.

Sun must have conspired to push Madam Cheng, who had no one to rely on, to do that.

Once she was found guilty for those two offenses, Mrs.

Suns best outcome would be life imprisonment, and the worst outcome would be the death penalty.

One was life in prison, which was worse than death, and the other was death.

Jiang Yao wanted to see how far Mrs.

Sun would go for Sun Xiaoshan.

“If Mrs.

Sun doesnt give me an answer before we leave tomorrow, you can arrange for someone to reopen the case in Ping City.


Sun is Xie Qiuxiang.

Theres no reason for her to be Xie Qiuran for the rest of her life,” Jiang Yao snorted coldly.

“If she can turn herself in tomorrow, I will applaud her.

Isnt she used to being smart I want to see how smart she can be.”

“Okay,” Lu Xingzhi nodded and agreed.

Jiang Yao was trying to torture Mrs.


It should be quite painful for such a selfish person to sacrifice herself for her daughters life.

However, Jiang Yao never thought of letting Mrs.

Sun off.

Lu Xingzhi understood that Jiang Yao did not let Mrs.

Sun off because of Xie Qiuran, her biological mother.

She wanted to return her identity to her.

She still considered it as returning a favor to her birth mother.

Madam Chengs words had a significant impact on Jiang Yao.

She was a soft-hearted person.

Her words were sharp, but her heart was soft.

Madam Chengs feelings made Jiang Yao feel troubled.

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