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Chapter 1307: I Owe You

Madam Cheng did not dare to forget it because it was the only thing her father had left for her.

“Young Madam Lu, why are you asking about that” Master Cheng knew his wifes past, so he knew that she was unhappy when she was Xie Qiuran.

That was why he gave her a new name, Cheng Xinyou.

Cheng Xinyou had the same surname as him.

He even changed her surname because he hoped that his wife would only be happy with him for the rest of her life.

Yes, it was Xie Qiuran.

Jiang Yao read that name softly in her heart.

Xie Qiuran, her biological mother.

“Im here to return a favor.

Another woman has taken your name.

Ill get that name and identity back for you,” Jiang Yao said slowly, her voice very soft.

“Im here because you gave birth to me 20 years ago.”

After she said that, she stood beside Lu Xingzhi and did not say anything else.

She did not even look up at anyone.

She just looked down at her toes.

Also, she just wanted to see her awake.

One look was enough.

Time seemed to have frozen, but the air seemed to have become heavy.

Lu Xingzhi reached out and pulled Jiang Yao into his arms.

He knew that she was feeling conflicted at the moment.

“Im fine.” Jiang Yao raised her head and smiled at Lu Xingzhi when she felt a broad hand on her shoulder.

It was a smile, but it was not much better than crying.

“I gave birth to you 20 years ago” Madam Chengs voice trembled.

She looked at Jiang Yao with reddened eyes.

“So, you are my daughter, right”

Madam Chengs tears fell.

“How can this be They said that they buried you alive.

I went to the mountains to look for you.

I searched all night and only saw an empty swaddle and a bit of blood.”

Madam Cheng could not believe it.

Her daughter, who she thought had died tragically for 20 years, suddenly appeared in front of her.

She could not believe that her daughter, who she thought had died violently, was still alive.

However, the girl did look like her.

Her daughter had looked like her from the moment she was born.

The first time she saw that girl, there seemed to be some kind of voice in her heart that was shouting as if emotion was about to burst out of her heart.

Madam Cheng was crying and laughing at the same time.

“If you are my daughter, then you dont owe me anything, but I owe you something.”

Madam Cheng burst into tears, “You are my daughter, so I had an obligation to protect you.

You were gone because I couldnt protect you.

As your mother, I have failed you.

So, it is I who owed you.

I am your mother, yet I could not raise and love you.”

Madam Cheng looked at the ring on Jiang Yaos finger and said, “As your mother, I cant send you off to get married.

You dont owe me anything, so you dont have to repay me! If you came here today just to repay your so-called debt of gratitude, then Im afraid youve come in vain.”

Madam Chengs words made Jiang Yao, who had been holding back her tears, cry as well.

On the way here, she had thought of many possibilities.

She thought perhaps Madam Cheng knew that she was the Divine Doctor and would even ask her to treat her illness to repay that debt.

She did not think Madam Cheng would tell her such words that continued to pound in her heart.

Madam Cheng told her that she did not owe her anything.

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