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Chapter 1301: I Have Killed Before

“Ive asked the doctor.

He said that the probability of immediate kin being a match is not high, but if its a cousin, the probability of a match is much higher.

My Shanshan is dying.

God had sent her to me.

This is Gods will.

God has given my Shanshan a way out.”

“Cousin, you are too—” the man looked terrified.

“Are you trying to trade Jiang Yaos life for hers That girl is not stupid.

Why would she agree to that”

“Why would I need her to agree”


Sun scoffed.

“I will make as much noise as I want.

I will make her foster parents ignore her.

I will make her divorce her husband.

I will make her follow me.

When we reach Ping City, she will have no relatives.

When that time comes, she will still be in my hands.

I will do whatever I want with her.

I only need her heart! After the surgery, what do I care if she dies”


Sun sneered inwardly.

Just like her silly sister, who had disappeared for many years.

Who would still remember her

As long as one had a will, there was nothing that one could not do!

Even if she could not use Jiang Yaos heart, the girl would die with her daughter!

Why must her daughter suffer from an illness since she was young Why did Jiang Yao get to live so happily with her father and mother, with a husband who doted on her, and her husbands family doted on her Why

Why did she have a similar face to hers How could Jiang Yao live a better life than her daughter

“Cousin, youre killing people!”

The man took two steps backward.

“Its not like I havent killed anyone before.”


Suns fingers were tightly clasped in her palm.

Her long nails almost pinched a piece of flesh from her own palm, and she seemed to be completely unaware of it.

“Cousin, Im not killing anyone for you! Ill go to jail!” More importantly, Jiang Yaos husband might divorce her, which meant she would be poor again.

He would not get any benefits, so why would he help her

After the man finished speaking, he jogged away.

He was terrified of his cousin, who said she could kill without even batting an eyelid.

Looking at her, she was as terrifying as a witch.

After a long while, Mrs.

Sun finally let go of her palm.

She lowered her head to look at her bloody palm and cursed, “Useless.”

No one knew if she was cursing herself or the man who was so scared that he ran away when he heard that she would kill someone.


Sun did not leave immediately.

Instead, she stood there and looked in the direction of the Jiang family for a long time.

There was a way for her daughter to survive.

No matter what, she had to get Jiang Yaos heart!

Even if her daughter could not live, it would be good to have someone to accompany her on her journey to the underworld.

Meanwhile, Mrs.

Jiang stood in the central room and looked at the people in the courtyard before walking toward Jiang Yao.

“Did they get someone to cause trouble”

“Theyre lying.”

Jiang Yao smiled without the slightest hint of worry.

“Mom, that Mrs.

Sun isnt my biological mother.

Im not afraid of her causing trouble.”

“But you two look—”


Jiang did think they looked alike.

Even though Mrs.

Sun was already old and had lost her youthful appearance, the similarity between Mrs.

Sun and Jiang Yao was uncanny.

However, it was not as similar as when Mrs.

Sun was young.


Jiang had seen the photos of Mrs.

Sun when she was young, and they did look the same.

“Whats so strange about the resemblance Even the carpenter in our town looks like a martial arts star Are they brothers too Mom, if its true, then she wouldnt need to forge a fake paternity test.” Jiang Yao did not care at all.

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