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Chapter 1234: As Long As Its With You

Even though she was not wealthy, Gu Junhui enjoyed everything she deserved from her aunt.

Therefore, she was a little simple and naive.

Gu Junhui left her hometown with Gu Changshu because they wanted to elope, and Gu Junhuis grandmother and uncle were the reason for their decision.

Her grandmother and uncles had squandered all the compensation money that was supposed to be Gu Junhuis.

Her cousin had wanted to marry a city girl whose family wanted a lot of money for her dowry.

Gu Junhuis grandmother, uncle, and aunt could not afford it, so the old woman set her sight on Gu Junhui, who had just turned 18.

The old woman asked someone to find a matchmaker, who matched Gu Junhui to a man with a deceased wife and child at 40 years old.

The man could afford a very high betrothal fee to marry Gu Junhui.

Gu Junhuis aunt was shocked when she heard that; she quickly gave Gu Junhui an idea.

She called Gu Changshu, who had just been released from prison, and gave the two of them some money to elope.

It was only then that Gu Junhuis aunt confessed to Gu Junhui.

Her mother did not abandon her—the old woman had burned any letters that her mother had sent her.

She did not want the mother and daughter duo to contact each other.

Gu Junhuis aunt gave her an address and told them to look for Gu Junhuis mother.

Jiang Yaos file mentioned that Gu Junhui and Gu Changshu found Gu Junhuis mother at the address.

Her mother had remarried and had another child.

However, Gu Junhuis mother did not ignore her daughter.

After hearing what the old woman had done, Gu Junhuis mother knew that her former mother-in-law would come to her after Gu Junhuis disappearance.

She did not want the old woman to find her daughter, so she gave Gu Junhui a large sum of money and told them to lay low somewhere discreet.

They were to return after half a year.

Gu Junhuis mother also gave Gu Junhui her home phone number and told her to call home after they had settled down.

She wanted to visit the couple with Gu Junhuis younger brother.

Hence, what Ah Zu said was not quite right.

Gu Junhui also had a mother who doted on her very much.

Gu Junhuis aunt treated her well because Gu Junhuis parents had taken care of her when she was very young.

Gu Junhuis grandmother valued her sons over her daughters, so the youngest daughter did not get the love and care she had deserved.

Fortunately, she had her eldest brother and sister-in-law to protect her when she was young.

Ah Zu was even more talkative than the old man they had met when they first were on the train.

They chatted all the way to their newly rented house, which Ah Zu had arranged for them.

It was a one-bedroom house, so it was not very big.

The kitchen only had one coal stove, and the entire floor shared only one common bathroom at the corner of the corridor.

Ah Zu waved his keys and smiled.

“You will stay here temporarily.

Brother Ding will arrange another place for you after meeting with you and confirming that youll be working for us.

When the time comes, that place will definitely be much better than this one.

The place where Brother Ding and I are staying is comparable to a big hotel.

That is Brother Dings house.

It is very comfortable.

The house in my hometown was built according to that house.”

“This place is good enough.”

Lu Xingzhi took the key from Ah Zu and turned to Jiang Yao.

“Ah Hui, I will earn money to let you live in a better house.”

Jiang Yao shook her head gently.

“I can live anywhere with you, Brother Changshu.

And just like what you said, I also think this place is perfect.”

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