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Chapter 1230: Bald Young Master Lu

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Jiang Yao waited for Lu Xingzhi to finish making her bed before she sat down.

Only then did Lu Xingzhi return to his seat to tidy up.

An older man on the lower bunk teased them.

“Young man, youre really attentive.

Look at how well youve taken care of your wife.

You two just got married, right Is that your first time going on a long trip Are you going to the south to earn some money”

Lu Xingzhi did not say anything.

Jiang Yao giggled and said, “Dont mind him.

Hes such a reserved person.

He does not like to talk.”

The older gentleman pursed his lips but did not take those words seriously.

The man did not like to talk Did he not speak to his wife

The older man thought about it—the young man was really rude!

Jiang Yao did not bother to explain the situation when she realized that the older man did not believe her.

Lu Xingzhi was a reserved person, and it was a coincidence that his fake identity was also a reserved person.

Jiang Yao had changed her appearance when she went out that day, and Lu Xingzhi had also changed into a thick coat.

He wore a wide woolen hat on his head.

Jiang Yao felt that it was strange, so she reached out to touch it.

She did not expect to lift Lu Xingzhis hat from his head unintentionally.

The hat hung from her hand, and it revealed his—

“Pfft…” Jiang Yao burst out laughing.

She did not expect that Lu Xingzhi would change his hairstyle in just one night!

The head under his hat was bald.

He was bald.

“Give it to me.” Lu Xingzhi stretched his hand toward Jiang Yao to ask for the hat.

He was a little unaccustomed to his bald head—he reached out and touched it.

His new identity was named Gu Changshu.

He had been out of prison for a few months, and that bald head fit the image perfectly.

After all, Lu Xingzhis hairstyle was too obvious.

It was easy for people to guess that he was from the military from his hairstyle.

They had no choice but to change it from a buzz cut to completely bald.

Jiang Yao waited until she was done laughing before returning the hat to Lu Xingzhi.

Then, she took out half of the meat buns that Lu Xingzhi had bought and gave him some.

“Keep it and eat it later.

If you cant finish it, go and get some boiling water to warm it for lunch.

You probably wont be used to the food on the train.” Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

He knew that the food on the train was terrible.

That was why he bought the buns.

“As long as its edible, theres nothing I cant get used to!” Jiang Yao shoved it toward him forcefully.

“Meat buns should be eaten while its still hot!”

Jiang Yao knew that she could not afford to be so delicate and picky during extraordinary times.

If Lu Xingzhi could eat it, she would eat it too.

It would be enough if she could eat her fill.

The older man in the lower bunk was a chatterbox.

When he heard their conversation, he said, “Look at how close you are—you must be newlyweds! Young people from your generation are blessed.

Back then, I could not even say a single word to my wife when I got out of prison.

Its better now.

Society is more lenient to people like us.

Walking on the streets, holding hands, and even kissing on the lips, no one will say that youre corrupting our culture.”

Lu Xingzhi was probably annoyed by the mans nagging.

He glared at him, and the man immediately shut his mouth.

The older man grumbled in his heart.

The way that young man looked at him was really scary..

It was as if he wanted to kill someone.

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