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Chapter 1215: Runaway Daughter-in-law

“People who cant eat durian wont get used to the smell.

My cousin is also very afraid of the smell of durian.

The last time I went home, she vomited when she smelled the durian.

The smell was so strong that she didnt dare to enter the house.

She stayed outside and only went back in after the house was ventilated.” Mrs.

Lin defended Lu Xingzhi.

However, even though she was trying to help the man, she still laughed when she heard Lu Xingzhi carried Jiang Yao to the door and gave her a small stool.

Why would he give her a small stool

He wanted to force Jiang Yao to throw the durian, but he was afraid that Jiang Yao would be furious and that she would get tired from standing at the door.

Therefore, he gave her a small stool because he wanted to give her a way out.

He could say that the small stool was not to chase her away.

When she finally found someone to share the delicious fruit with, Jiang Yao happily ate the rest of the durian with Colonel Lin and his wife.

Colonel Lin still longed for more of the fruit when he went back into the kitchen to continue cooking.

He asked Jiang Yao where she bought it because he wanted to buy one too.

He would invite Jiang Yao to eat with them when he purchased one.

When Lu Xingzhi heard the door closed, he knew that Jiang Yao was unhappy when she entered the house, so she slammed the door.

Even though he was the one who carried her outside, his wife had gone back to the house by herself, so he could not chase her out again.

He was not reluctant to do so, but he was afraid that Jiang Yao would be angry.

After the door closed, Lu Xingzhi did not hear Jiang Yaos voice anymore.

He thought that she had returned to the living room to continue eating.

He closed the kitchen door to keep the smell out of the kitchen.

It had been almost an hour since dinner time.

He brought the food to the dining table and looked at the empty living room.

The unbearable smell had dissipated.

It was apparent that Jiang Yao had not been eating that smelly thing in the living room.

Lu Xingzhi thought that Jiang Yao had thrown the fruit away, or perhaps she had already finished eating and returned to the bedroom.

He washed his hands and took his apron off before going to the bedroom.

When he saw a hill-like curve on the bed, he raised his eyebrows and thought that Jiang Yao was probably sulking.

Lu Xingzhi walked toward the bed and said, “Wife, its not that I dont want you to eat it, but the smell is too smelly.

If you want to eat it next time, just wait until Im not home.

Leave the doors and windows open for ventilation.

Then, I wont smell it when I come home.

If you cant bear to throw it away, then dont throw it away.

Just leave it.

You can continue eating it after I leave tomorrow morning, okay”

The person on the bed did not say anything.

Lu Xingzhis eyebrows twitched.

Was she so angry that she did not want to talk to him anymore

He walked closer, but he could not even see the persons head.

He scolded in a low voice, “Didnt I tell you not to bury your head in the blanket The airflow is not good, so its not good for your body.

Youre a medical student, so you should know that better than anyone else.”

The person in the blanket remained silent and did not move.

Lu Xingzhi stood there and waited for a few seconds.

“Its time to eat.

The weather is cold; the food will get cold quickly.” Then, he reached out to lift the blanket as he spoke.

However, Lu Xingzhi did not expect to see a pillow instead of his wife when he lifted the blanket.

It seemed that there was something under the pillow.

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