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Chapter 1214: Throw The Durian Out The Door

Jiang Yao thought that that guy would snatch her durian, so she hugged her treasure tightly.

Then, Lu Xingzhi carried Jiang Yao and durian with him and walked to the door.

When he was out of the door, he put Jiang Yao down and said, “When are you going to finish eating, or when are you going to throw the durian out the door”

After that, Lu Xingzhi left Jiang Yao alone and went into the house.

After a while, he brought a small stool with him.

“Sit and eat slowly, and think about it.

Ill go and cook.”

Jiang Yao stood at the door with the durian in her arms; she was dumbfounded.

Was that guy for real

The more Jiang Yao thought about it, the angrier she got.

She kicked the small stool stubbornly and walked back into the house with the durian.

She deliberately made loud noises with her footsteps.

After Jiang Yao entered the door, Lu Xingzhi had already gone to the kitchen.

He heard her footsteps and ignored her, and Jiang Yao got even angrier.

When she saw the cactus on the coffee table, she picked it up and went to the room.

Then, she lifted the blanket and placed the cactus on the space where she slept before putting a pillow over it and covering it with the blanket.

When she returned to the living room, Lu Xingzhi did not even come out of the kitchen to look at her.

She was so angry that she took her durian and kicked the door.

Then, she slammed the door angrily and left the house.

When Jiang Yao arrived downstairs, she realized that she did not have anywhere to go, so she carried durian to Colonel Lins house.

She thought she would visit Mrs.


Colonel Lin had just arrived home and was cooking in the kitchen.

When the couple saw Jiang Yao, they greeted her warmly.

“Have you eaten Why are you here at this hour Lets go to the kitchen.” Mrs.

Lin realized that Jiang Yao seemed emotional.

She thought that the younger woman might have quarreled with Lu Xingzhi, so she asked her tactfully.

“Here, eat this! Colonel Lin, please make one more serving for me!” Jiang Yao nodded as she called out to Colonel Lin in the kitchen.

Then, she sat down with Mrs.


“Did you quarrel with your husband” Mrs.

Lin knew that Jiang Yao must have quarreled with Lu Xingzhi; she thought it was strange.

They all thought that Jiang Yao was a soft-hearted woman and Lu Xingzhi was a sly fox.

Therefore, it was unlikely that the couple would quarrel.

She did not expect to see the day when the two of them fought.

Company Colonel Lin came out of the kitchen in an apron to join them.

“Did he find out about the test, so you quarreled”

That was the only possibility that Colonel Lin could think of.

“No, he wont let me eat this.”

Jiang Yao placed the durian on the table.

“Do you want to eat it”

“Oh! Its a durian!” Mrs.

Lins eyes lit up.

“Lets eat it! We love this fruit, but it is hard to find one in China.

My relatives brought me a few when they came back from overseas.

They are very delicious.

I heard that they are very nutritious too.”

“This tastes great!” Colonel Lin patted the durian.

“Are you two fighting over this”

“He left me at the door with a small stool.

He told me to consider whether I should finish eating at the door before going home or throw the durian away.” Jiang Yao snorted angrily.

“He said he was not joking.

If I did not throw the durian, he would throw me and the durian away!”

Jiang Yao patted the durian.

“That guy came in and said that the durian smelled like **!”

“How unfortunate!”

Colonel Lin bared his teeth and smiled.

“Well, if you have similar good things in the future, just bring it here.

We will eat it with you!”

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