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Chapter 1185: I Beg You

Jiang Yao could not say no when Luo Ruoran pleaded with her.

She seemed to be able to see the struggle, as well as the sorrow and pain, in Luo Ruorans eyes.

It seemed as though she was clinging to the cliffs edge with one hand.

It would be like pulling one of her hands that was clutching onto the edge of the cliff if she did not comply.

It would be the equivalent of kicking her straight into the abyss.

She could not utter a single word of rejection.

Jiang Yao did not know how to tell Luo Ruoran that she had a feeling Liang Yueze liked her.

She had seen the tenderness in Liang Yuezes eyes when he gazed at Luo Ruoran, the type of affection and indulgence that a man had for a woman.

Perhaps that was the mystery of those who were involved.

Just like how she could not understand Lu Xingzhis feelings for her back then, Luo Ruoran seemed to be following the same old path that she had taken.

“Please, Jiang Yao, I beg you.” Luo Ruoran received no response from Jiang Yao, even after a long wait.

She reached out and took Jiang Yaos hand in hers.

“If I have to remarry him for this baby, then I will choose to abort it.”

Jiang Yao was speechless.

After a long while, she nodded.

“I will not take the initiative to tell Lu Xingzhi and Liang Yueze, but Ruoran, if Liang Yueze sees something and asks me, I hope you can understand that I cant lie to him.” Liang Yueze was Lu Xingzhis brother, and she was Lu Xingzhis wife.

“Thats enough for me.” Luo Ruoran smiled in relief.

“I wont give Liang Yueze the chance to find out.

Ill leave Jindo City tomorrow.

I wont come back until the child is grown up.”

“Keep in touch.

The first three months are crucial.

Take care of yourself.

The weather is cold.

Dont catch a cold.

Call me immediately if anything happens,” Jiang Yao said.

Then, she spoke to Luo Ruoran about the precautions during pregnancy for almost an hour.

Jiang Yao returned home depressed as a result of Luo Ruorans situation.

She hoped that Liang Yueze would find out that Luo Ruoran was pregnant.

If that were the case, perhaps the two of them could get married again.

Why would two people who were clearly in love end up divorcing

She had seen how Liang Yueze peeled prawns for Luo Ruoran, and she could not wait to see how he doted on everything Luo Ruoran liked.

The way Liang Yueze looked at Luo Ruoran most of the time was extremely similar to how Lu Xingzhi gazed at her.

It was a desire that he could see right through her with a single glance and could not wait to look her in the eyes.

When Jiang Yaos car arrived at the gate, the young soldier on duty stopped her.

She noticed the young soldier approached her vehicle with something in his arms and said, “These are for Sergeant Lu.

Young Master Zhou had dispatched them.

He explained that they are presents for Sergeant Lus birthday.”

“Alright, thanks.” Jiang Yao asked the young soldier to help put the things in the trunk before she drove away.

When she went to take the things upstairs, Jiang Yao realized that there were quite many things.

Lu Xingzhis brothers had sent them all.

There were also some from Luo Ruoran, Xiao Ya, and Liang Yuekai.

Those things were neither new nor old, and some of them were quite heavy.

Jiang Yao had to make a few trips to get everything upstairs.

When Lu Xingzhi returned home at night, he saw the gift pile in the living room.

He was not surprised at all.

Every year on his birthday, those people would send him gifts; not one of them would miss out on the occasion.

At first, he thought there would be one less gift that year.

Luo Ruoran and Liang Yueze were no longer a couple.

He did not expect that they would give him a gift each.

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