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Chapter 1176: Whos On The Phone

What everyone found strange was Xie Qiuxiangs ex-husbands familys attitude.

“Xie Qiuxiangs ex-husbands family did not make a fuss either.

They seemed to think that it was very normal.

After they got an answer, they left quietly.

More than a month later, Xie Qiuran had a baby girl by her side.

Xie Qiurans mother and Xie Qiuran told outsiders that it was Xie Qiurans daughter; she had brought her back from the countryside.

About half a year later, someone introduced Xie Qiuran to her current husband.

Not long after that, the two of them got married.”

After that, Xie Qiurans life progressed quite smoothly.

Her husband was considerate and generous to others.

He treated her daughter as his own.

Xie Qiurans mother took care of the child without any complaint.

She was also filial to her mother and brought her home to live with them.

The only problem she had was her daughters health.

Not long after she married Professor Sun, her daughter was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

Professor Sun spent a lot of money to pay for his stepdaughters illness.

Professor Sun treated his stepdaughter like his own daughter.

He even spent money on sending her abroad to study.

The Sun familys relatives and friends had only good things to say about Sun Xiaoshan.

They said that the girl was a well-behaved, sensible, and filial child.

Her academic results were excellent.

If it were not for her health, she would have a promising future.

The Sun familys relatives and friends would praise Sun Xiaoshan and say that she was as sensible and filial as her mother, Xie Qiuran.

Back then, Xie Qiurans mother treated her like dirt, but after her eldest sister was imprisoned, her mother did not have anyone else to rely on.

She put aside their differences and took care of her mother.

After Lu Xingzhi heard that, he hung up the phone silently.

The night breeze was cold, but it would not cool his mood.

He was worried.

All those investigations showed that his initial guess had been correct.

Xie Qiuran was not the real Xie Qiuran, but the Xie Qiuxiang who should have been in prison.

If she believed that Jiang Yao was her sisters daughter, she would send the hair samples for a test.

Xie Qiuran would have hated that idiot and his mother; she would not go back to look for them in that lifetime, let alone just to get his blood sample.

If she were Xie Qiuran, she would have done it for the sake of finding her daughter and not for her daughter to have a father.

Lu Xingzhi thought to himself; hopefully, Jiang Yao would never need to know that secret.

Then, Lu Xingzhi called Liang Yueze in Jindo City.

It was still early, and Liang Yueze was at the Liang family home.

When he received Lu Xingzhis call, he was reprimanded by Mr.

and Mrs.

Liang because he had already informed his family about his divorce from Luo Ruoran.

Luo Ruoran had already bought her ticket to go abroad.

She would leave with Gu Haoyu.

Liang Yueze did not ask about it, but he guessed that Luo Ruoran would probably be with Gu Haoyu in the future.

“Who is it” When she heard Liang Yuezes phone ring, Mrs.

Liang stopped and asked.

“Its Lu Xingzhi,” Liang Yueze replied.

“Then answer it first.” Mrs.

Liang sat down and took a sip of her tea.

Then she turned around to look at her husband before looking at Liang Yuekai, their eldest son and sighed.

“Mom, it is what it is.

Its useless for you to get angry.

Yueze is not a child.

The two of them probably have their own reasons for making that decision.” Liang Yuekais wife comforted her mother-in-law gently.

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